From one post-graduate to another, the road to landing your first job in journalism is one full of challenges and often setbacks.

That is why this week's podcast takes a look at the job application process, and the things you need to take into consideration when searching for that all-important first job.

Georgia Pearce, a recent post-grad, tells us how a one trial day got her foot in the door, while Clare Dyckhoff, reporter, Huffington Post, discusses her research on the topic and how post-grads can motivate themselves to break into journalism.

We also hear from social psychologist professor and prominent blogger Erika Price, who offers us practical mental health advice for dealing with post-university unemployment.

And finally, executive media headhunter Martin Tripp explains what post-graduates can do to make their application stand out from the crowd.

Search for your first job in journalism, or a fresh start? Check out the jobs board here, for a range of current opportunities.

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