Mental Health Awareness Week: the warning signs of burnout in editors


Excessive workload is not the only cause of burnout in the newsroom - lack of recognition and disillusion take their toll on senior staffers. Here is what you need to watch out for


The Seattle Times asks readers to fund its future investigative journalism team

Local audiences are eager to support independent media and help solve problems their communities are facing


What gets readers hooked onto your writing?

Here is how to create the best version of your story and make it stand out from the crowd

Podcasts: easy mistakes, golden rules and learning curves

Podcast producers at BBC and Slate offer their expert advice on improving your audio storytelling

Posted by Jacob Granger on 26/04/19

Reporting on race and religion: wise up and get out of your comfort zone

What are the potential pitfalls for journalists reporting in ethnically diverse communities? Here are the common mistakes and best approaches to right those wrongs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/04/19

South American journalists use social media to publish uncensored versions of their investigative stories

In countries where authorities are clamping down on independent journalism, newsrooms find new strategies to report the truth for their audiences

Posted by Jacob Granger/Daniel Green on 12/04/19

IJF 2019: Driving deep-change and fuelling mobile journalism

If you did not get to attend the International Journalism Festival in Perugia this year, fear not. caught up with some of the speakers in this week's podcast

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 05/04/19

Dos and don'ts of audience engagement

After raising $2.5m with its crowdfunding campaign, here is what De Correspondent learned about successful communication

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/03/19

Thirty-six hours with the Taliban: an all-female CNN crew shows a different reality of life in Afghanistan

CNN chief international correspondent, Clarissa Ward discusses security measures, ethical challenges and sitting down for an interview with the Taliban chief as a white, western, female journalist

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/03/19

Newsrewired sneak peek podcast: financing digital journalism, voice-controlled devices and blockchain

Jess Best of The Correspondent, Chris Stone of Evening Standard and Daniel Sieberg of iO Technologies give you a taster of what they are bringing to our upcoming Newsrewired conference

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/02/19

From 500k to 80m readers in one year: how Forbes transformed The Memo

Alex Wood, Europe editor at Forbes, talks about how selling his business news website to the US publisher widened its audience, increased diversity of its contributors and brought newfound digital innovation

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 15/02/19

At Tortoise, readers' insights shape the editorial content

The crowdfunded, slow journalism project regularly meets its members to get inspired by their insights, worries and wisdoms

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/02/19

Global Voices asks its contributors to make its strategic decisions instead of a boardroom

Four big questions, 190 people and a three-step process. Ivan Sigal, of international journalism community Global Voices, offers a step-by-step guide into consensus-based decision making

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/02/19

Crafted storytelling vs raw content: which production style is mobile journalism best suited for?

Mojo specialist Glen Mulcahy hears arguments from mobile journalists Philip Bromwell and Caroline Scott – the gloves are off!

Posted by Caroline Scott on 25/01/19

'You are what you read': what a crowdfunded book on solutions journalism says about audience's appetite for news

With an £11k backing from supporters, author Jodie Jackson is now set to publish and offers a sneak peak of her findings in this podcast

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/01/19

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