In this week's podcast, we hear from Bill Thompson, freelance writer and broadcaster, who explains how the exciting role of technology journalists has changed as the digital industry has evolved over the past 30 years.

"The idea that you can explain to people how this technology works, why it matters in their lives and what the impact is, is something that I find incredibly rewarding," he said.

"I don't just write about the technology. I'm interested in how the tools that are now available change people's lives for good or for ill around the world."

He gives us his advice for aspiring technology reporters looking to enter the specialism, and explains why the job is much more than simply writing about the latest gadgets and "shiny toys".

"The key thing about journalism, particularly when there is so much stuff to cover, is trying to think, 'what is the interesting question?', 'what do I want to know?,' and 'what do I want to share with other people?'"

"For me, more and more, that has become, 'how do we take the benefits of this technological revolution, help people understand it well enough to take control of it for themselves, and perhaps, make it something that delivers good in the world?"

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