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In 2018, the BBC unveiled a game-changing concept: the user needs model. Then-digital development editor of BBC World Service, Dmitry Shishkin defined six different reasons why people engage with the news and how a deep understanding of these can take your newsroom strategy to a whole new level.

Newsrooms like Vox, Vogue, The Conversation and The Atlantic have been inspired by the concept and tweaked it to make it their own.

Five years later, Shishkin reveals an updated user needs model 2.0 to the world in partnership with smartocto, an editorial analytics provider. They have added two new user needs and refined one of the old ones.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Shishkin - now an independent digital consultant - about what is fuelling the latest developments and how to implement a user needs strategy in your newsroom to be more relevant and useful to your audience.

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