Mark Mcilyar has developed a fitness course named “Abs after 40” which features an all-natural solution to one of the most common problems for men over 40, specifically those who are looking to get into a better shape. No matter what exercise instruments men have available - from a super gym to a pair of dumbbells in their garage or nothing but their body weight alone - they can cast off stubborn unwanted pounds, build muscle and sculpt the physique they have always dreamed about.

When people boil down the exercises recommended inside this program which they need to perform in order to cover every area, there are a couple of things they need to be concerned with: their arms, abs and glutes. This is the ultimate in minimalism and works splendidly for newbies or men who are usually short on time.

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According to Mark, for men, exercising to off-load the spare tire is easy. It is all about their muscles; contracting the muscles requires fuel, so the more muscle they work, the more calories they tend to burn. The best way to drop their belly is with total body-weight training. 

The collection of abdominal exercises suggested inside Abs After 40 will help people get rid of excessive body fat, build muscle and boost their fitness levels to an all-time high in just a couple of minutes per day. Men should perform these exercises on a day-to-day basis, resting at least a day between sessions. They should make these exercises a mainstay of their training, each one at the same time hits their abs and glutes, so that they will get total-body results in a fraction of the workout time. Mark recommends men to perform the exercises in the order shown in the instructional overview video modules.

According to the creator, real full-body workouts performed by someone who wants to get in shape with a goal in mind would be beneficial. Using basic exercises that enable men to lift the most weight means that they do not have to do more than one exercise each for body part.

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All of the movements and exercises delivered inside this course allow men to move weights and strain the muscles without performing constant overlong exercises. Once people pick out their abs exercises, they need to plan their routines so they do 2-to-4 sets of each exercise for 10-to-12 repetitions. Furthermore, in this program, Mark talks about this one simple thing men must do to gain their six-pack abs body. He says that it has to do with mending a weakening hormone system.

Testosterone production ordinarily downturns as men hit their 40s. Men can undergo a plentitude of symptoms if it declines more than it should. They may also struggle with some loss in sex drive as they age. However, men with low testosterone will likely experience an extreme drop in their desire to have sexual intercourse.

Low testosterone can also reduce the sex drive in women along with other factors like hormonal changes. Because testosterone plays a role in the building and strengthening of muscle, men with low testosterone might notice a drastic drop in both muscle mass and strength.

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Those who try to turn back the muscle loss through weight training might find it quite hard to build or rebuild muscle. Moreover, men with low testosterone may also struggle with increases in body fat. Notably, they sometimes grow a condition in which they develop enlarged breasts. Although the reasons behind this are not fully clear, however research offers that testosterone influences the way a man’s body stores fat. 

Furthermore, Mark claims that no matter how much an aged man may work out and how well he eats, excess belly fat would not leave hastily until he raises his testosterone levels. This system contains hormone rejuvenation exercise plan customized for men over 40 years of age.

Each workout contains a blend of in-home cardio and resistance training movements that require no expensive exercise equipment’s or instruments. The exercises are structured for time efficiency, they are also all under half an hour in length so that men with tightening hectic schedules can reap the testosterone boosting benefits from training quickly, the creator adds.

When practiced regularly, the benefits are said to be increased energy, toning of the body, balanced hormones, excess weight loss, improved strength and an overall improvement in health. In addition, Abs after 40 contains a diet plan that consists of foods which proactively balance a man’s hormones. These foods will help to optimize hormone balance in men.

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The program contains three phases which include Fat Loss Jump-start, Male Hormone Optimization and Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode. Altogether these phases will contribute to a leaner, thinner and slimmer body. The diet plan this course contains work in combination with its workout plan to improve overall fitness and physical appearance of a man.

The diet plan is not only easy to follow but it also gives men all the tips they need in order to off-load stubborn body fat while concurrently fending off future body fat from racking up and increasing. It also helps accommodate a man’s special dietary needs. Additionally, Abs after 40 is available at a price of $97 for limited time, after 500 men make a purchase, the price will go up to $197, as stated on the official website of the program.

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