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For most guys, the idea of experimenting with sex toys in a long term relationship is usually greeted with an air of caution. After all, we don’t put our feet up after a long hard day and look forward to some naughty time to be somewhat emasculated, or even worse, displaced by a love toy popping into the equation.  

Putting our mathematical heads on for just a moment: Our pleasure abiding ladies, plus sex toys, multiplied by our own between the sheets abilities can somewhat end up in a right old bedroom conundrum, with the figures in our heads somehow not stacking up. But girls, that’s because we’re men and without another macho man telling us in a magazine or on the Internet how it all works, we’d be left trying to balance the books long into the night.

The upshot is, that introducing sex toys to enhance your love life will reap you many a reward. The ugly truth is, look beyond the glaze of worry and panic, all too often associated with experimenting with toys, or even broaching the subject to her over an night time cuddle and you will be subject to a whole host of pleasures of your own as her inner goddess does nothing but thank you for it.

As time is precious and every women under the sun wishes to turn her dreams into nighttime scenes, it’s important to remember that nothing replaces the loving touch or aggressive thrust of her man. However, when it comes to getting some much needed education in being kinky, it’s crucial to broaden your horizons and take every bit of advice on board when it comes to making sex toys a man’s game.

So, let’s get down to work as we show our ladies that it truly is a man’s world.

Let’s start with a good vibrator. As a sex toy, there really is nothing better to give her wave after wave of pleasure. However gents, before getting to grips with what is a heavy piece of bedroom artillery, I’d suggest watching her pleasure herself a few times to see just how she likes it. Stay on the scene with this sex machine and slowly take the reins, leaving her with nothing to do but enjoy.

Swiftly shifting up to second gear, allow us to introduce you to the sex toy that puts the power of seduction quite literally in your hands. Remote control vibrators are the perfect prelude or replacement to foreplay, making an evening meal or some drinks out very naughty indeed.  But calm it cowboy! Remember to be subtle about it and pick your moments very carefully. Enjoy her, both in that dress and out of it later on with toe curling stimulation that she’ll simply love.

Bring her to immeasurable sexual intensity with the G-Spot stimulation of an Intimate Labia Spreader and enjoy a little play time of your own. This specifically shaped sex toy has been designed to rapidly enhance pleasure by exposing the clitoris and allowing for direct more purposeful orgasms. A little tip guys, insert it during foreplay and make sure she’s completely comfortable.

Penultimately gentlemen, let her live her own Fifty Shades fairytale with some luxury vagina balls. Delicately designed to offer enough firmness to provide simple but meaningful pleasure, turn up the heat behind closed doors, teasing her with the wonderful range of motion offered by such a popular couples sex toy.

And finally, before it all gets too much to take on board, wrap things up with a luxury love ring. Striking the perfect balance between clitoral stimulation and penetration, a penis ring is the most simple of sex toys to get to grips with when it’s lights out, all out! Choose something stylish and classy when it comes to this form of love toy and enjoy the experimentation.

Above all of this gents, feel comfortable! Take the lead and enjoy every minute. After all, if you’re a bucket of nerves, it’s going to raise doubts over your masculinity, something which isn’t going to hit her right spot.

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