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Details of "Date Yoda"

The details, the winning bid on eBay wins a Valentines evening out with Yoda, Nataliyah, Thea, her boyfriend and her dog Tyson. There is also an opportunity for people to get involved via Just Giving, online and via text, please bid and donate for this worthy cause.  Think the winning person doesn’t have to organize a thing and they get to look like a hero, now how many Valentines day are that simple?!  How many people will envy you! Lol.

Out of desolation good things can grow…

When Nataliyah Pajovic and Thea Montogomerie Anderson met through their dogs in the Kensington Gardens they were both recovering from a terribly emotional and turbulent year, they were brought together by there love of animals and desire to raise money for the RSPCA.

Nataliyah had to move back to the UK after her fiancé of five years decided he no longer wanted to marry a fashion model and her life in the USA was over… the only thing that kept her going was her rescue dog, Yoda, a French Bull Dog. She has retired from modeling and has recently started a business taking dogs on a one on one on-lead run for only £20 for an hour and half in Kensington, called DogJog London which can be found on facebook  and followed on twitter @DogJogLondon

Thea Montgomerie Anderson whom had previously worked in the City (IT Sales) and Canary Wharf  (Commodities Broker) in sales and was a stand up comedienne (her troupe were called The Barbie Stand up Show), was recovering from a nervous break down in which she lost almost everything, her career, her investments, her confidence… Thea had become agoraphobic which meant she had trouble leaving her house until she got her dog Tyson, an American Bull dog.  Due the necessity to walk him and care for him she had to leave the house but felt more confident and less anxious due to her dog,, she had lost the skill to make light conversation which for someone who has spent their life selling on the phone and in person is terrifying. Thea’s dog was a very large contributing factor in her recovery and this ownership would not be possible without the help of the RSPCA, they provide low cost veterinary care and advice. Thea is now back at college re-training for a new career she attends Kensington and Chelsea College studying Video Production.

Neither are in a financial position to make donations to the RSPCA as they used to be in the past but feel now more than ever how important it is as they feel their pets have had a huge contributing factor to their current wellbeing.. The RSPCA provide low cost veterinary care and free advice with which they could not do without.   The only thing they realized they have to give is their skills, hard work and time. Thea thought where better opportunity to apply some of her newly learned skill from KCC than to use them to raise money in aid of the RSPCA.  “Date Yoda” an eBay auction was born… since that first idea they have built Just Giving Page  facebook page YodaTheDog Pajovic, eBay page Date Yoda  found sponsors, Portobello Princesses beauty and sunbed shop and Bathrooms etc boutique luxury bathroom shop to aid in printing 5000 fliers and 1000 poster and have attempted to write a press release, goes to show one is never to old to learn!

Nataliyah and Thea a brief history

Nataliyah lives in Kensington and is a former Fashion Model in America, photographed by Hugo Lopez a famous American photographer, Nataliyah was previously managed by Coconut Grove in Miami and Miami K Models in Australia.  Nataliyah grew up in Devon on a farm where her parents tend to, Lamas, Donkeys, Sheep, Horses, Duck and Pigs.  Nataliyah attended Trinity Boarding School in Teignmouth, Devon and attended London Fashion School to study Fashion Styling after which she went to Miami and didn’t come back...  till now. Nataliyah spent most of her formative years as a member of Pony Club, so her love of animals has been a constant during her life on and off the family farm.

Thea Montgomerie Anderson is a former Sales exec and stand up comedienne whose career was her life until she had a nervous break down. Thea lives in Notting Hill and attend Kensington and Chelsea College and his hoping to start a career in Strategic Fundraising / Media Planning in the future. Thea hails from Scotland, attended Fettes College in Edinburgh and Westminster University. Thea has battled with academia when she was younger making her quite shy, she spent most of her time on a local farm riding horses and it was presumed that would be the career path for her until it was discovered she had a variety of learning difficulties, dyslexia and dyspraxia that with the correct tuition could be addressed and over come thus allowing her a successful career in sales.


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