Erectile dysfunction is becoming a common problem in men these days and to fight this embarrassing condition off, men seek effective, fast and safe treatment which is apparently not available on doctor’s prescription, however “Erect On Demand” by Josh Harding is one such treatment that will help men treat erectile dysfunction in a safe way because of the unique strategy this program uses to deal with ED.

Josh Harding is a Michigan-based history professor and a former sufferer of erectile dysfunction who was able to overcome this problem at home while not putting much efforts in the procedure. With the power of his studies and research, he was able to find out the ultimate solution to erectile dysfunction.

The speciality of the program is that it has an ancient Peruvian brew recipe that was designed to reach the root cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) and works to eliminate it so that the perfect and satisfying erection can be achieved.

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One misconception that Josh Harding cleared in his program is that most people think that erectile dysfunction is mainly caused by stress and psychological problems, but Josh declined this fact and revealed that it’s not the case most of the time. ED has greater chances when the health condition is not favourable - and that is why Viagra and Cialis cannot permanently solve this problem.

 He further clarified that the idea of high-testosterone triggering high erection is also wrong. Testosterone only increases the sex-drive in men but it doesn’t help in clearing the blockages in the blood flow to the sexual organ of man which is one of the causes of ED.

Obstacles in the way of blood flow to the penis and the damage of muscles around the sexual organs cause the loss of penile sensitivity which is the actual root cause of erectile dysfunction, but using proper treatment mentioned in the program “Erect on Demand” can help man get rid of this forever and enjoy the erections as powerful as it was in the young age.

Ancient remedy of Peru to treat ED is around 3000 years old and in those times, it was actually used to bring hard erections to men for more power over women. Harding discovered the treatment when he visited a tribe in Peru who still use this remedy to just treat ED but improving sex-drive of men.

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The original remedy is actually a drink which contains 5 Peruvian herbs and plants extract but Josh, with the help of his studies, found the alternative ingredients of these Peruvian herbs and plants and adding these replacements, he was able to make the same powerful drink that has the ability to treat ED at home in some days. These alternatives consist of 4 herbs, 2 specific fruits, and 1 amino acid and the drink is ready!


Erect on Demand” is complete guide to treat ED naturally at home with the help of a remedy drink, Josh named “Boner Brew”.

This program has all the information regarding ED, its origin, causes, symptoms and treatment based on the root causes present in each sufferer. It helps man to identify their cause of ED and choose the relevant drink.

Erect on Demand also has the tips and tricks to make a man attractive to women of all ages.

Josh has also revealed a “one minute miracle” pill treatment that can be used for immediate erection.

The book also has some sex tips that include little-known sex positions and some advice to achieve a heavenly bed experience.

Josh explains that knowing the pleasure spots of your partner can help man in satisfying man even with the weaker erection. Erect on Demand also has the information to identify three pleasure spots of women depending on their physique.

Erect on Demand also has tips related to oral sex and how it can be helpful in making man aroused to the extent where they get hard erection instantly.

There’s whole special chapter in the guide about increasing penile sensitivity by up to 100% in just 21 days.

Also, information about how to natural grow the size and thickness of the sexual organ is also included.

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Josh Harding has also offered bonus manuals in addition to Erect on Demand In his current package of the product available on its official website. The bonuses include quick and simple guides named “Titan Stamina”, “33 Innocent Words That Turn Her On”, “Text Her Panties Off”, “Mr. Big: Simple Exercises to a Super-Sized Member” and “Instant Orgasms: 7 Positions to Give Her an Instant Explosion”. All these manuals available in the one package of “Erect on Demand” in a very affordable price. For the satisfaction of the users, 60 days money refund option is also available. Try it today!


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