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On 29th September, the premier UK screening of the full-length documentary film: ‘Bad Blood A Cautionary Tale’ was held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

The showing followed Theresa May’s response to Labour MP Diana Johnson in September stating that she will “consider” and investigation into the Tainted Blood Scandal.

It was organised by UK campaigner Jason Evans, and attended by members of the affected UK community along with prominent politicians, doctors and industry reps, including former Health Minister & Foreign Secretary, Lord David Owen. Baroness Featherstone who lost her nephew to the scandal was also in attendance. Lord Owen who spoke following the film, stated that mistakes had been made ‘at every level’; mistakes that led to the subsequent deaths of thousands of British haemophiliacs, and mistakes which have never been fully acknowledged or recognised by government.

Lord Owen described how, following his announcement to parliament that the UK was to become self-sufficient in blood and blood products, the finance was withdrawn and the decision stopped without any further announcement to parliament. He commented that ‘no civil servant had the authority to do this’. Lord Owen later found that his own ministerial documents were ‘scrapped’ without his consent: “There was a decision to clean up all the files and stop some of the incriminating evidence”

He commented that: “At every single stage, the truth has been there and people have evaded it and that must carry a penalty”

Referring to what happened as a ‘cover-up’ a despondent and clearly upset Lord Owen concluded his speech by saying that: “this whole area is a mess, it is still a mess, it has not been cleaned up and a younger generation than me will have to go on fighting”

As he left the microphone he said: “I have failed and I feel very miserable about it”

It is campaign group Tainted Blood's opinion that Lord Owen has not failed. Instead, he, along with all of us, has been failed by the government of his day and every successive government since, all of whom have colluded in the cover-up leading to: ‘the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS.’ (The late Lord Morris of Manchester)

Press Link to David Owen’s full speech: https://youtu.be/uqt0xXz-saw

Leading Haematologist Prof. Edward Tuddenham also supported Owen’s claims of a potential cover-up on the day. (Video Available).


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