Rachel Duke at Aletta Shaw is delighted to have contributed to 101 Questions Answered About Separating with Children, a new book to help separating parents keep their children’s best interests first. Aletta Shaw are a long-term supporter of the social enterprise OnlyMums & OnlyDads and are a member of their Family Law Panel.

The book, published with support and collaboration of Bath Publishing, has been written by a number of expert family solicitors, barristers, mediators and other professionals. It covers the legal landscape, how to cope with the psychological impact of separation, what it means for children involved, and where parents can turn for further help and support.

Aletta Shaw Solicitors say, “With the virtual demise of legal aid for family law services, it has been a pleasure to contribute to such a book which will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable resource for separating parents to help them keep their children’s best interests front and centre.”

101 Questions Answered develops three key themes which help parents resolve issues:

1. Improving relationship and communication skills with their ex-partner

2. Determining what is genuinely best for the children (often requiring external support)

3. Understanding the processes and mechanics of the law, family courts and different pathways to resolving issues, such as mediation, collaborative law and other approaches.

Director of OnlyMums, Rebecca Giraud continued, “101 Questions Answered aims to clearly explain family law processes, answering the most common questions that separating parents with a degree of authority. Throughout the book, we also made sure to emphasise how parents can save money when using professional advisers. We are delighted to have had Aletta Shaw solicitors share their expertise in this book.”

In his foreword to the book, President of the Family Division The Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlane said:

“Irrespective of the current pressing problem that may have caused a parent to pick this book up, any reader would be well advised to invest the time in reading it from cover to cover, thereby gaining a real ‘feel’ for the approach of family law professionals and the courts in general to these important and difficult problems.”

The book is available now directly from www.onlymums.org and www.onlydads.org, Amazon and all other online and high street booksellers.


Aletta Shaw Solicitors offer a range of legal services to individuals and companies in the region – https://www.alettashaw.com/

OnlyMums and OnlyDads is a not-for-profit social enterprise established in 2008. Co- directors are Rebecca Giraud and Bob Greig. Its principal aim is to support parents and their families who are going through divorce/separation. This support is delivered in three ways:

  • A live chat facility
  • The Family Law Panel - a network of 150 + solicitors and mediators offering a range of services and pricing options.
  • Resources - up-to-date (written by professionals and reviewed every 12 months) and reliable information on a wide range of related topics

Bath Publishing Ltd are an independent publisher of law books and websites for both professionals and for those who find themselves involved in legal proceedings, perhaps reluctantly, and need help. Publication of 101 Questions is part of their mission to make legal help more accessible for those who need it at a price they can afford. The project is sustainable through the sales of their other titles aimed at the professional sector. They also publish 'The Family Court without a Lawyer', a best-selling reference for litigants in person.

The full range of books can be found at bathpublishing.com

LASPO – The Legal Aid and Sentencing of Offenders Act, 2012 severely restricted the availability of Legal Aid for family law cases.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew MacFalane was appointed President of the Family Division in July 2018. As such he is the most senior family law judge in the country.


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