The Mackenzie Protocol
This announcement coincides with the meeting at Westminster on 29th October 2013 regarding scientifically backed anti aging protocols as well as the October 2013 edition of the newsletter from the British Longevity Society ( ) which reports on a new peptide that promises exciting prospects.  

The meeting at the House of Commons is a special meeting whose aim is to inform people of the current and future technological developments which may lead to a dramatically extended lifespan, with many more people living for much longer. Ministers and politicians are in attendance. 

The new peptide is the result of scientific research in Russia going back a total of 35 years and is now being offered to researchers by The Mackenzie Protocol at

The research includes the effects on telomeres, a part of the DNA now recognised as an important factor in slowing aging, and the work of three USA scientists  who were rewarded in 2009 with a Nobel prize.  

This website is owned by British entrepreneur Tony Mackenzie who has also spent decades researching the work of cutting edge scientists.  
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