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Being an HR professional is a busy and demanding role and never more so than in this current time of economic uncertainty. The ironic thing is that whilst having to upscale their own workload and work under stress inducing levels, most HR professionals are expected to skillfully manage a stress policy within their own organisation. Help is at hand.

After studying survey data and asking HR professionals what help they needed Law Hound have put together 3 tops tips to help HR professionals avoid stress

(1) Be Proactive so you can plan

There is nothing worse than having to do something at the last minute. That’s why it makes sense to keep up-to-date so that you know

  • what changes are due

  • when they are due

  • what it means for your organisation

  • what you need to do

Armed with this information you can plan and can, for example, amend and implement an existing policy in accordance with your own timetable rather than the day before it absolutely must be done.

(2) Communicate change well before it happens

Whether you work in an HR department or provide outsourced services to others communication is an essential part of change management.

Consider having a monthly newsletter to your colleagues/ clients so that you can let them know what changes are likely to be coming and how it will affect them.

It’s an excellent way to

  • pique the interest and support of your colleagues OR

  • increase sales to clients

(3) Feel confident that you are up to date

There is nothing worse than that heart stopping moment when you need to provide essential advice to a colleague/client and there is a feeling of doubt that something might have changed. We’ve all been there, terrified that we’ve missed some tribunal decision or a change in legislation which will mean your advice is wrong.

Instead make the time to keep yourself up to date you naturally feel more confident and provide solutions more efficiently.

Law Hound are delighted to launch a solution to help HR professionals. The Law in Minutes Essentials for HR Professionals pulls together the latest tribunal decisions, case law and legislation to bring you a unique offering suitable for HR professionals within their own organisations or those who provide outsourced services to their own clients. Every month you get

· 15 Legal Content Social media updates

· 2 Employment Law blogs

· Newsletter content

· Access to a HR library of useful documents

· Monthly update of case law, legislation and process/practice to keep you updated in one place without the hassle of reading multiple sources

Every 2nd Month – A short e-Book (650-750 words) with a cover design to use straightaway as a freebie on your site or in your newsletter – please note you get one of these in your sign up month so you do not have to wait.

Prices start from £49 a month and until the 31st December you can take advantage of a 20% early bird discount.

Not sure if this will work for you? Contact Steph Barber at

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