They’re the generation that brought us up, and it seems the over-65’s aren’t letting us young whippersnappers run off into the wild blue e-yonder without them! It’s estimated around 77% of them are now online, covering everything from the occasional user to the avid forum contributor.

Research into the technology habits of the older generations discovered a savvy, well-informed breed of net user, eager to learn more and develop both their skills and online presence.

1. Seek peer advice (rather than patronising shop assistants)

Back in 2011, O2 hit on the idea of scouring the country for the UK’s most tech-savvy grandparents and senior citizens. The idea was to place a few of these peers in shop front roles to help seniors get the most out of their store experience via chatting with a well-informed, like-minded person rather than a spotty, patronising teen. One doesn't always have to get tech advice from a half-interested nitwit listening to their iPod. They should look around for local groups and online forums specifically aimed at seniors (preferably run by seniors too!)

2. Know where to go once online

The likes of Grannynet aren’t all about knitting patterns and tea with the vicar! The great thing about the internet is the capability to browse from one thing to the next. They should find a great starting point (like Grannynet) and use it as a starting block to access more reputable, trustworthy websites.

3. Learn how to contribute

A huge part of the internet is about giving. It’s about offering the knowledge and opinions on everything from how to best roast a lamb shoulder fillet  and remove mustard stains, to where one can sell your camera online at the best rates and how to jailbreak an Xbox 360!

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