Watford-based Imperyo is confident in their opinion that negativity is the biggest barrier for a budding entrepreneur. They believe it can also pollute the mentalities of those around a project or business. The firm often encourages their contractors to maintain a positive outlook, and so they have outlined seven reasons why people should distance themselves from negativity.

 About Imperyo:

1. Negative people can affect your attitude –Negativity can severely impact an individual’s perception on the achievability of personal goals.Those who lack belief in a process will often try and derail those who are showing capability of achieving greatness. Imperyo believes this can be damaging to those on their journey in entrepreneurship and it can be masked as caring advice.

2. Negative feedback from negative people affects your thinking –Imperyo feels it is important to understand the lasting implications of selecting a negative surrounding group or support system.  By infecting a person’s mentality towards a task can dramatically affect some individuals’ ability to achieve success.

3. They are an energy drain – In the same way that positive individuals inject energy to everything they do, negative people sap the energy needed to be a successful and innovative entrepreneur. Imperyo encourages its contractors to constantly assess their positivity levels to maintain their positive culture within the firm.

4. It damages your credibility – It is important in business to understand how important a circle of people is towards creating credibility of the brand’s message as an entrepreneur.  Choose a successful and positive mentor, partner and work force, as they will speak volumes.

5. Negative people won’t provide encouragement –Negative people often are discouraging along any venture or journey. To be successful in business there will be tough times, and a strong support system is a key part of success. Choose positive people over negative to encourage performance and assist in sourcing solutions.

6. They are hard to get rid of – The longer a relationship is maintained with a negative person the more difficult it will be to dissolve connections. Don’t feel loyal to someone who doesn't provide valuable assistant in achieving goals.

7. Life is too short – Choose a group of acquaintances that bring life to activities, who are fun, caring, ambitious and on their own journey to success. By achieving a great group of friends and business partners they will provide an enriching life experience and in turn will improve quality of life.

Imperyo is a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions that work with brands in creating engaging, face-to-face marketing campaigns. Meeting with customers in person allows the firm to deliver a memorable, highly tailored experience which increases their clients’ brand loyalty and raises overall sales revenue. As part of a fast growing industry Imperyo have become committed to educating and supporting the next generation of sales and marketing entrepreneurs. Through a series of optional workshops and events the firm help young professionals access the necessary skills and insights needed to survive the startup process. One of the main goals for the firm is to offer skills to achieve and maintain a positive attitude.


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