There are many things which are mans best friend. The escapism of that blissful Sunday afternoon pint. The doorbell ringing, signalling the delivery of a pizza during Champions League Tuesday’s, or even, putting your feet up after a long days grafting. However, something which certainly does not make it onto that list is dry skin. Dealing with mens dry skin can seem like a daily battle in itself. A battle, which your grooming gremlins seems to always win, leaving you in a skin care straight jacket.  

Tight, sore and uncomfortable skin are the most popular conditions fellas with dry skin face. Along with an itchy and uneven looking complexion, cracks and scales are also likely to arise, leaving not only your skin, but your confidence running for the hills. Such cracks often provide a handy point of entry for mens skin care intruders, such as debris, toxins and allergens. Along with such features, mens skin’s fundamental functionality often reduces, leaving you on collision course with your alpha male status.

If you think that we are simply rubbing it in, we are not!  It’s crucial to understand the key features of dry skin on men, in order for you to be truly able to detect and treat it appropriately. If some of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to act now, by ringing the changes in your lifestyle and skin care for men program.

In today’s mens skin care blog, we are going to briefly highlight 7 instant changes you can make to your grooming workout, in order to truly combat dry skin, and negotiate a trouble free, confidence boosting and action hero look. With seven changes, some more difficult than others, you can alleviate the symptoms of dry skin and completely re-write your skin’s future. So, let’s begin with our tips and key men's skin care products.

7. Drink Plenty Of Water - By drinking up to six glasses of water a day, you will really give your skin every chance of success. If you expect your skin to remain hydrated under any condition, without actually rehydrating your whole body on a regular basis, unfortunately fellas, you are going to lose your grooming tug of war with dry skin. Fill up that bottle and leave it on your desk at work, and your skin will show signs of improvement within seven to ten days.  

6. Humidify Your Home - Investing in a good quality air humidifier will give your skin the proper conditions to thrive within. Picture a cold morning waking up in bed during the depths of winter and the stress this may be placing upon your skin. Humidity represents the level of moisture within the air. Less of it, and you are effectively stripping out all the moisture from within the skin, creating a breeding ground for bacteria prone, dry and flakey skin.

5. Cut Out the Cigarettes - If you are a non smoker you can nicely skip out this handy tip on treating mens dry skin. However, if you are not, we are not letting you go that easily.  With no need to list all the negative effects of smoking, we will simply be focusing on the traumatizing effects it has on your dry skin. Smoking not only makes your skin age quicker and look dull and dismal, it also reduces skin functionality and its natural ability to retain moisture. Something which is imperative as men with dry skin have limited moisture resource anyway.  

So, effectively drying out your skin each time you draw, as the harmful chemicals and pollutants reside on your skin. Not only do they provide a toxic environment, but they also block your pores, meaning not only dry skin, but skin prone to the uprise of imperfections. Cut it out and your skin will thank you for it.  

4. Avoid Long Showers - We all love a nice long shower to wake us up in the morning. But leave it too long and you are effectively stripping away all of your skin’s natural sebum, oil and protective layering. Not so bad, if you have normal, combination or oily skin, however, havoc promoting should your skin reside in the dry category. Your skin is less probable to create natural daily moisturisers and showers longer than three to four minutes will kill off your very delicate guard against dry skin.  

3. Exercise Regularly - When you exercise regularly, your skin receives a natural boost in moisturisers, thus helping alleviate some of the common symptoms of dry men’s skin.  Encouraged by sweat secretion, your skin’s basic functionality effectively speeds up, allowing more of the crucial elements to thrive in the sub-perennial layers of your skin and the epidermis. The result? Dry skin conditions are alleviated as well as enjoying all the other benefits exercise has on your well being and skin.

2. Avoid the Winter Blues - During winter two very critical factors often play an unwanted roll in worsening male dry skin. However, with a little bit of skin care and a few tweaks here and there, there is light at the end of the tunnel as you strive for a champion look.

The first factor being less humid air, virtually sucking every ounce of moisture out of your already low on stock skin. The second, wind, rain and the bitter coldness, taking their grip on scales and cracks, often leaving men caught somewhere between disappointment and anger in the bathroom stakes.  

Hydration is Key! Drink plenty of water and ensure you use an oil based moisturiser for men, to give you skin a fighting chance of glory. Choose a relaxing Sunday read of your favourite book instead of a brisk walk outside in the very brittle conditions. Even add an extra moisturiser application throughout your day and make sure you wear plenty of protective clothing. A wooly hat, scarf and gloves, might not look the most masculine, but neither will dry skin when it comes to going out on a date or the town.

1. Use Mens Moisturiser - You would be a fool to underestimate the power of a good quality moisturiser for men when it comes to male skin care at any level, especially for gentlemen who have dry skin. Using a twice daily moisturiser adds vital moisture and a protective barrier (effectively locking in moisture) to your skin.  Whilst regular washing removes your skin’s natural secretion of oils, sebum and skin cells, which form a nice level of natural protection.  Dry skin types, find it more difficult to replenish such a concoction of moisture enriching elements, often meaning dry and sometimes inflamed skin, by the time you have your morning brew at work.

For a well nourished and healthier complexion, male moisturiser also targets cracks and compromised areas, resulting in their ultimate removal.  Whilst there are hundreds of mens moisturisers out there on the skin care for men market.  We advise targeting one specifically designed for dry skin types and you will instantly be ahead of the game.

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