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This week at My Favourite Voucher Codes while doing massive research on all things Christmas, we stumbled upon some quirky facts about Christmas. What we found was, that the most wonderful time of the year hasn’t always been so historically joyful. From where artificial Christmas trees actually come from to the entire day being completely illegal, and all those magical film moments that might actually get your tinsel in a tangle - allow us to crush your Christmas dreams with magical style.

No One Got Naked In Love Actually

According to the Twitter feed of Emma Freud...

Just in case you were worried, Martin Freeman had a little sock on his willy. #LoveActually

Martin Freeman totally backed this up on the Graham Norton Show, “The funny thing about it is, that it was two very ordinary people. It wasn't meant to be turning anyone on. So, if it did, shame on you!" We’re glad your package was wrapped up that Christmas, Martin. More than you could ever know.

Christmas Was Once Illegal

So very illegal. Like the savings you’ll get using www.myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk

What? Like we weren’t going to shamelessly promote voucher codes. Cheeky, but so were the early American Puritans of Massachusetts who enacted a law in 1659 that made it illegal to celebrate Christmas since Puritans didn't believe it to be the true date Baby Jesus’ birth. The law carried a punishment of five shillings - talk about ‘Bah Humbug!’

Jesus Wasn’t Born Under A Manger On Christmas Day

I suspect you’ve read somewhere that December 25th is never mentioned in the Bible, and that most historians now believe Jesus was born in the spring. But! Did you know that the celebration of 25 December was originally centered around Saturnalia? Yep. A festival full of booze, gambling and role reversal. The Romans really knew how to celebrate the Baby Jesus. Apparently, they thought of him as a rock star all wrapped up in his golden fleece diapers.

Mistletoe Isn’t As Magical As You Think

While Celtic and Teutonic legend claims that mistletoe is magical and can heal wounds, increase fertility, bring good luck and ward off evil spirits - the magical ‘Christmas kiss’ luring plant is actually associated with a bird called the mistle thrush. Kinda sounds like an STI, but it’s worse. The bird eats the berries, digests the seeds, then leaves droppings on the ground that grow into new mistletoe plants. Which explains why the German word for ‘mistletoe’ literally means ‘dung on a twig’. No, really. Look it up.

The Legend of The Christmas Tree Is Kinda Naughty

While the Christmas tree first popped up in America in the 1830s - it wasn’t actually popular until 1846 when Prince Albert brought it to England for Queen Victoria. Romantic right? Only because the happy couple was sketched in front of a Christmas tree - talk about Royal fever. What I bet you didn’t know is that the first artificial Christmas tree was made in 1930 by a British-based Addis Housewares Company. Yep. Out of toilet brushes they died green. Not so romantic, but totally hilarious.

Boston Tried To Ban More Than Christmas

In the 1950’s Boston got mad at Christmas again when church leaders tried to have the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” banned. They thought it promoted adultery. Singer Jimmy Boyd had to fly to Boston and explain to them why it was, in fact, not obscene.The song implied Santa was the child’s Father - not that his Mum was having a merry affair. What is up with Boston?

11 Lords Not Leaping

For some wild reason, in Greece, people actually believe that goblins called kallikantzaroi run wild during the 12 days of Christmas. As if some Greek kid named Billy’s been feeding Gremlins after midnight. Which is why most Greeks don’t exchange presents until 1 January on St. Basil’s Day. I blame Boston.

Home Alone Is More Magical Than You Think

When it comes to the beloved cult classic John Hughes and Christopher Columbus film, Home Alone, you might be shocked to learn just how genius these two film gurus really were! So genius that it’s all full of magic. Classic Hollywood magic. Because that infamous line from the rubbish Kevin McCallister watches while eating junk doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as the gangster film Angels With Filthy Souls. Merry Christmas, Ya’ Filthy Animals!

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