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In today's society political structures, people's worldview and values are more likely to change more often than ever. As a result, believes A.Innova<a>,</a> companies often struggle to adapt and find ways to keep their workforce engaged. Direct sales and marketing firm A.Innova finds it crucial to prioritise engagement within the business.

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"An engaged workforce is more likely to go above and beyond, which has a positive impact on the customer experience and client relationships", explains a spokesperson of A.Innova. The firm provides outsourced sales and marketing services for their clients. Engaging people is especially important as every individual's performance has a direct impact on A.Innova's clients' results.

More and more businesses have come to realise that common engagement tools, such as incentive programmes, prices or bonuses no longer have the same positive impact they had a decade ago and are beginning to fail. This does not mean that people do not enjoy those benefits. A.Innova explicates that these engagement tools do no longer motivate people to achieve a target or keep them from leaving a company. In fact, nowadays businesses need to look deeper and communicate with people to find out what motivates them.

A.Innova believes that today's workforce wants to feel like they are part of something great, understand the bigger picture and what crucial role they play to help the business achieve overall success. They want to explore development opportunities within the business and work for a company that believes in their capabilities and wants to invest in their future success. A spokesperson of A.Innova says: "Leadership can only be successful if managers and team leaders try to connect with people and show how much they care. Closed doors and distance are no longer an option. It is about engaging with workers, share the firm's vision and connect by sharing their values."

A.Innova has recognised this and suggests that their company culture and core values are the secret to their on-going success and help them stand out from competitors. The firm engages their workers by connecting with and listening to them, providing access to the tools and support they need to progress and develop within the sales and marketing industry and build a stable, successful future. A.Innova is a market leading direct sales and marketing company in the Liverpool and Cardiff areas. As a result of their success, the firm is currently planning to expand into further markets by the end of 2017.

A. Innova specialises in non-traditional forms of marketing to bridge the gap between clients and consumers. For more information, follow@AInnova_ on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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