We are delighted to announce the launch of the new brand logo and website for Q Dek which is our adhesive system for installation of flat roofing membrane. The new website is built on a modern digital platform that gives users what they are looking for easily and quickly across multiple devices.

Our aim is to ensure our customers have the best user experience possible. This is one of the reasons why we decided to create a new website and brand for Q Dek.

The new website and brand gives our users a more modern site that had a fresh clean look that is responsive to mobile and connects with social media. We have designed the website so our customers can find what they were looking forswiftly and eff ortlessly.

Carl, the strategic business development director at Quin Global UK, said “we are delighted with the new website and brand for Q Dek and this will ensure the users will be able to find what they are looking for easily and quickly.

"With all the new resources such as ‘how to’ videos available and the product data sheets readily available the new website is an exceptional resource for all roofers and manufactures toaccess. When you browse our site, we aim to provide you with everything you need – and exceed your expectations of industrial adhesives and tools.

"We feel the new website and branding has achieved this and more. Users now have the ability to search for a specific Q Dek product or they can browse the range to find what products are available. The homepage is also a lot easier to use and gives you the option to choose by membrane or by bond method."

Video tutorials are a new feature and are integrated into the website or available on YouTube. These give users the chance to watch tutorials on each of the 8 individual products and a more in-depth look on application methods.

For those who need a more in-depth knowledge of the product the datasheets are available to view online or to download.The new Q Dek brand is a creation based on the research of existing branding used within construction, engineering & petroleum industries.

The study of the leading major global brands and those within our own market, helped identify consistent factors in their design such as common colour themes & typefaces. We also looked at what they represented, such as industry, strength, tenacity, durability and loyalty. All of which, tradesman or professionals expect from their tools and products.

We used thesefactors as the main source of inspiration for the look and feel of the Q Dek brand. All the products that are part of our Q Dek range are 57% faster than the old system of a roller and bucket and are a 100% safer than using hotworks and are also guaranteed coverage with zero wastage. There are 8 products in the range that are either contact single sided adhesives or roof insulation adhesives.

For further information on the range please see the below and links attached.

QDek 2000A polystyrene compatible roof membrane adhesive. This product is compatible with all fleecbacked membranes, EPS and Polystyrene. It is also non MECl and has high grab with tough bondline. With zero wastage, fully sealed system and adjustable/controllable spray pattern this product is exactly what you need as part of your installation needs.

QDek 2003A polystyrene compatible EPDM roof membrane adhesive. This product is excellent with EPDM membranes and is EPS and polystyrene compatible. Again it is non MECL and has excellent grab with tough bond line. Another benefit to this product is its zero wastage fully sealed system with adjustable/controllable spray pattern.

QDek 2300A PVC compatible contact adhesive. This adhesive is compatible with all plain PVC membranes and is 100% plasticiser resistant. The product is also 100% waterproof and is structural curing bond line.This product is also zero wastage fully sealed system with a highly controllable and fi ne spray pattern.

QDek 2301A PVC compatible contact adhesive that is non MECL and is compatible with all plain PVC membranes. The benefits of this product are that it has high grab and is also 100% plasticiser and waterproof resistant. The product has a structural curing time and comes with a highly controllable and fine spray pattern.

QDek 2350A fleece backed PVC single sided field area adhesive. The product is compatible with all fleecebacked membranes. The benefits of this product are that it is 100% plasticiser and waterproof and has a structural curing bond time. The product is also EPS compatible and has a single sided application which means you can roll out the membrane immediately.

QDek 2400A bituminous and self-adhesive membrane primer. The product works with all self-adhesive PVC, TPO and bituminous membranes and is also EPS compatible. Other benefits include single sided application and the surface can be walked on immediately after primer has been applied. The product is also non MECL and comes with a controllable and adjustable spray application.

QDek 3000A PU roof insulation adhesive and comes in large and mini canisters. The product has a fast and clean application and the foam doesn’t continue to rise after application. Another benefit is that the system is non-flammable.

QDek 3001A PU roof insulation adhesive and comes in large and mini canisters. The product has a fast, clean and consistent application and the foam doesn’t continue to rise after application. Further benefits are the product has a tough bond line and good extrudability in low temperature conditions.

Notes to Editor

About Q Dek

Q Dek was conceived as there was a need in the market for a faster and cleaner process in the installation of flat roofing membrane. It was developed as a fast, high coverage, and clean alternative to traditional single ply membrane adhesives. Traditional bucket and roller application of contact adhesive is very slow, messy and labour intensive. Q Dek was developed as a solution to wet contact adhesiveapplication techniques that were counterproductive. It was formulated after witnessing the way a roofer applied adhesive which was slow and wasteful.

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At Quin Global, we take pride in our work. That’s why our entire process is completed in-house and on-site. From an initial concept, to the adhesive landing on a distributor’s shelf, we do it all ourselves so we can give customers our personal seal of approval on every product.We believe that our strong, global network provides peace of mind to our customers, whatever their location, that they will receive a high-quality product with the best customer service in the industry.


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