London photographer, Karla Gowlett, designed and self-funded Swift - a multi-venue 'queue-free' app - while juggling her photography career. As preparations built for an April launch to crowded bars and music venues, Covid19 pushed for a redirection.

The realisation that Swift could be adjusted as an ordering tool for social distancing was not immediate. After investing all her savings into making Swift, Karla said: "In the first couple of weeks in lockdown I felt very low staring at the boxes of merchandise in my living room."

But after witnessing a local café serving queuing customers while wearing PPE, Karla realised that the issue of queuing had not really vanished - it had transformed. And so must Swift.

With the encouragement of friends and discussions with the development team, Swift is back on track to provide the queue-free service it intended. Except now with a far wider audience! Adjustments to the app are speedily in process and a waiting list of interested businesses is building to start by June.

With the free download for customers plus no subscription or set-up costs for the business, Swift's pay-as-you-go model is a fuss-free addition to any venue.

Swift: keeping your order social, safe and swift!

Swift is run by Founder Karla Gowlett alongside the technical skills of development team Ucreate.

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