Do you have the time to sit and read the news for 2 hours? Is it okay to miss the news that's important to you?... We didn't think so.

Audibrow's free news app is the first AI-powered news app that reads aloud news & educational content with human-like speech. When you don't have time to read, simply listen to the same content.

Founded by Y Combinator alumni Lloyd Jacob and brilliant engineer Alex Burakovskiy, this news app is quickly gaining popularity.

Listen to Tech, Sports, Business and Political news from TechCrunch, Cnet, VentureBeat, Reuters, BBC, The Guardian, CNBC, Sports Illustrated, CBS Sports, & more.

The best time to get caught up with your news is during that long commute to work, while at the gym, or while cooking.

Install on Apple devices or Install on Android devices.

They recently launched an "Educational" section lets you listen to Y Combinator's famous Paul Graham Essay series.

According to co-founder Lloyd, "The sites on our app benefit hugely. We drive traffic to them when users don't have time to read. Since we load the actual website, we lift the site's DAU, time on site, brand loyalty, and revenues they generate via ads and links."

According to Alex, CTO "We use AI powered Text-to-Voice (TTS) technology which produces human-like speech and delivers high-fidelity audio. We also made our audio streaming extremely fast, and the app simple inorder to improve the user's experience."

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