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As modern consumers interact with social media, it is becoming apparent that brands are shifting their marketing strategies to the increasingly popular social media platforms. However, consumers are becoming disengaged; it is becoming a more popular belief that the targeted marketing is intrusive. AJG Direct is a direct marketing firm who specialises in face to face promotions, they consider research into consumer engagement with online promotions, as they urge businesses not to overlook a face to face approach. 

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Taking data from a new study by Kantar TNS, a client advisory firm specialising in marketing strategies; surveyed 70,000 global consumers. The found that almost half of Brits (40%), actively ignore social posts from brands. A figure that alarmed AJG Direct was that 34% had a feeling of persecution by brands as they reported ‘feeling followed.' It is crucial that marketers consider the impact of social media promotions and be careful not to alienate their image with modern consumers. 

AJG Direct believe that brands can find a balance and reap the rewards through fun and non-intrusive forms of social media promotions. With large brands demonstrating success through Snapchat filters and alike, Starbucks and Disney are offering engagement opportunities without the impression of a controlling hold. Brands can achieve market dominance through essential influencers such as celebrity endorsements and real-life reviews; consumers gather confidence in products through opinions of other users. AJG Direct believe brands should offer a transparent service to encourage brand confidence in target markets. 

With cynicism on the rise, it is crucial for marketers to take note of the increased dominance of specific social media platforms. Snapchat and Instagram have developed their user base by 23% and 42% respectively. Recognising the opinions of users on a sensitive subject will secure brand loyalty and more significant market share for those who can achieve success. 

AJG Direct is an outsourced sales and marketing firm currently based in the heart of London. Their approach to brand management encourages face to face communication through carefully planned event marketing. Follow up research has identified higher engagement levels and more extensive business connections versus alternative online strategies. 

Source: https://www.marketingweek.com/2016/09/28/almost-half-of-british-consumerschoose-to-ignore-brands-on-social-media/  

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