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The topic focuses on the Rodger Banister story about the 4 min mile and how everything can be achieved if believed possible.

Sir Roger Bannister was the first man to run a mile in under four minutes. Up until 1954, most people thought the four-minute mark was impossible to break. In the 1940s, the record for running a mile had reached 4:01. But it hadn’t been broken since, and some doctors and scientists posited that it was physically impossible to run a mile in less than four minutes. They thought that the human body couldn’t go that fast – that it would collapse under the pressure.

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Akashic Ventures believe this is what makes the story particularly inspiring to the idea of ‘changing perceptions' because Bannister confronted a barrier everyone believed impenetrable.

From a working class background, Bannister used his running talents to win a university scholarship to Oxford University, where he studied medicine. His performances gained media notoriety. Though he originally declined to compete in the Olympics, by 1952 he committed, becoming a firm favourite in the 1500 meters. But he failed to win a medal, and the experience made him question whether to stop running. Eventually, he decided to step up his training, using intense speed workouts and a pacer to shave off the seconds. He had the record in sights, but fierce competition also followed, namely through his main rival, Australian John Landy. On May 6th 1954, racing in dismal conditions, Bannister broke the record (finishing in 3:59.4) in front of a crowd of 3000.

As Akashic Ventures outlined in their presentation, what's most interesting about the story is that after Bannister broke the record, the feat became considerably more feasible for others to tackle. The four-minute mark would go on to be broken by Landy only 46 days later; many others would follow. In a sense, Bannister had opened up the possibility to do something impossible, and suddenly everyone was able to do it.

The company believes this communicates an important message about pushing oneself. “Akashic Ventures has an inclusive company ethos where we encourage individuals to believe that they can be the best version of themselves. Our mentoring and training not only develops professional skills but helps with individuals self-esteem, confidence and expectations of what they can achieve in their life,”Aaron Passley, Managing Director.

Managing Director Aaron Passley established Akashic Ventures as a company that embraces all individuals, providing them with a space to learn and develop their careers. Their staff and sales contractors work hard devoting their time to helping clients' brands become a success. Everyone associated with the firm is trained to an exceptionally high standard in areas such as sales, brand promotion, customer service and leadership, making them some of the best that the industry has to offer.

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