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All-Star Global believes that a sports-minded individual is defined as one with a winning mindset, the ability to welcome competition with a goal driven personality. This is a mindset that the firm encourages within its entire workforce, with a particular focus on teamwork and dedication.

About All-Star Global:

The company believes that sports-minded individuals thrive well in the highly competitive sales and marketing industry, boasting personality traits such as an intense competitive nature, ambition and a strong desire to be the best in their field. All-Star Global state that there are many critical attributes they look for within prospective candidates that they believe help contribute to a successful and productive workforce:

  • Passion: A keen interest in the industry, and set goals to succeed and propel young professionals in the marketing industry further than those who lack a sense of passion
  • Tenacity: The ability to keep motivation when obstacles and challenges occur, refusing to admit defeat
  • Vision: A path to success, a clear idea of their personal and professional goals, and how they plan to achieve this, with benchmarks in place to track their progress
  • Self Confidence: The ability to believe in themselves, the confidence to take risks and a belief in their ability
  • Flexibility: The ability to adapt to changes in the industry, take on additional tasks and modify their skills to follow the direction of their goals
  • Rule Breaking: An ability to defy conventional routes of success, creating new techniques and processes that revolutionise the marketing field
  • Tolerance for Fear: The ability to use a sense of fear as motivation to succeed, no path to the top is clear for every individual

All-Star Global is consistently in search for individuals that possess as many as these personality traits as possible. The firm has extensive plans for growth and expansion within the marketing industry and values the addition of sports-minded individuals into their dynamic team.


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