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With the average student graduating with a debt of £44,000 it’s no wonder the majority start their job search immediately. Alpha Gamma Solutions is poised and ready to execute their graduate recruitment strategy for 2018. The firm has examined expected trends, combined with experience and are prepared to ensure they catch the most promising talent available. 

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The firm revealed the top trends predicted in 2018, which shaped their strategy:

1. A focus on behaviours over qualifications - High calibre talent is no longer solely determined by achieving a first class degree, with an increasing number of graduates obtaining the high scoring degree grade. Instead, many firms will be delving into soft skills as a measure of suitability. Astounding three-quarters of HR professionals support psychometric testing, with 78 percent supporting the benefits of such strategies.

2. The movement to mobile application processes - With 45% of job seekers using mobile devices to job search every day, expanding businesses need to ensure they are maximising their market reach by investing in mobile recruiting solutions.

3. SMEs will become the go-to for graduates - 48 percent of 16-24-year-olds rank SME's higher than larger organisations when job searching. It is believed the culture, flexibility and progression opportunities are the driving force behind the power shift.

Alpha Gamma Solutions offer solutions for brands big and small looking to access their target market through face to face marketing. The unique strategy allows brand vision and values to be efficiently shared; therefore, enhancing the overall customer experience for the consumer. Research has shown that face to face strategies offer lasting customer relationships due to enhanced trust and improved communication.

The firm is looking forward to welcoming graduates in a series of open days across the coming months; opportunities are perfect for those looking to gain experience in a fast-paced industry and fast track their careers into leadership in marketing and business.


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