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Running any sort of business is demanding, challenging and only the strongest survive. This is something that Jessie Hughes, Managing Director of Altitude Acquisitions knows only too well. She believes that if you want to get ahead in business you simply have to stand your ground and lead by example, otherwise you will get left behind and your competitors will gain ground on you. Altitude Acquisitions is a company which specialises in direct marketing and customer acquisition and this is a highly competitive marketplace in which to work. Ms Hughes suggests that her success is down to the fact that she holds her own in the market and she always leads by example.

She says, ‘I have always believed that setting a good example to clients and business partners alike is critical to the success of any business. Altitude Acquisitions is thriving because I always make it clear that I expect and deliver 100% every single time. My hard working ethic is always noticed by my clients and the people that work along side me and they understand that I strive for perfection every single time. This gives clients reassurance and belief in me, and it gives the people that work for me more motivation to exceed expectations. In business you have to be strong, direct and focused and if you can be all of these things with consistency then people will stop and take notice of you. In a world such as direct marketing, reputation is everything and the only way to prove to people that you know what you are doing is to lead by example every single time.’

Altitude Acquisitions are results-driven, exceptionally highly motivated and, above all, committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction every single time. They are the experts when it comes to brand awareness and they devise personalised strategies to suit the individual needs of their clients. Having recently attended an industry conference in Barcelona, Ms Hughes is constantly striving to learn more and build new relationships with peers and customers alike. Her ambition and motivation comes from standing strong in the market and making sure that people see that she is fearless and determined. Direct marketing has long been viewed as by far the most effective way to boost customer base and increase profits, and this is one of the many reasons that Ms Hughes and her office are in such high demand. Altitude Acquisitions have ambitious plans and they are looking to the future with excitement.

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