Aimed at players familiar with Novomatic slots and players seeking authentic, intelligent gameplay, the site’s content is provided by a team of expert casino writers who have spent years studying the online casino industry in depth - and are consequently in the best position possible to let players know where and how to get the best Novomatic experience possible.

There are currently no other websites dedicated to helping Novomatic players in this way, though given the steady growth in popularity of their slots there is clearly demand for resources to help players find their games.

Novomatic’s range has an appeal that their competitors struggle to match, thanks partly to their visibility on casino floors. Games like Sizzling Hot, Reel King and Power Stars are consequently highly sought-after by online players seeking a genuine slot experience that brings them the same level of excitement they get when playing the slots for real and Novoline’s online versions remain 100% faithful to the land games that they’re based on.

The gameplay element, though, is every bit as important: Many of the slots look - at first glance – like 21st century versions of traditional pub fruit games, but the underlying gameplay is always carefully designed to ensure as much of an adrenaline rush as possible with every spin. This is why Novomatic’s slots are proving so much more popular than many branded games and competitor slots with 3D graphics and fancy sound.

More and more players may be looking for Novomatic’s slots, but not all major casinos are forward –looking enough to have recognised the appeal of their games yet, so a resource to help players find the games is well overdue.

Site editor Tim Crump was quick to point out the appeal of the new site:

"Novomatic are becoming a ‘must have’ option at all the reputable multi-provider casino sites. Because the games are so well-known in land venues people are seeking them out on Google and enjoying identical versions of the games online, guaranteeing demand."

He went on to say: "Give it a couple of years and the games will be everywhere, but for the time being most players need a helping hand to find the Novomatic casino that’s right for them, which is why we’ve set up this site."

Notable games apart from those mentioned above include the Book of Ra slots, combining the classic Ancient Egypt theme with an Indiana Jones-style character for a densely-plotted adventure series; a similarly contemporary take on a classic theme is used in Lucky Lady’s Charm, which combines the classic Irish Luck idea with a new age-style lead character to deliver all the expected game features with none of the clichés.

There are over 90 Novomatic slots in all, with more games constantly under development – so players can expect to see - and hear – much more about them in the near future as their online presence finally begins to reflect the quality of their game design.

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