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The process for hiring a service, whether a limousine for a night out or a bouncy castle for a children’s party has proven to be a tedious task, time and time again. With everyone constantly on the go, who really has the time to spend hours on the web searching for the best deals? And what are you to do when you find the perfect deal only to find that the service is fully booked or it’s not available for your chosen date?

This is where new, Cardiff based tech start-up, comes in, aiming to follow in the footsteps of success stories like Uber and Airbnb, shaking up and revolutionising the UK hire industry with their innovative approach.

Founded by technology entrepreneur, Tej Randeva, the idea behind Anything for Hire was born when he noticed there was no easy way to compare different quotes from various hire companies during the hiring process. With 15 years experience in the hire and IT industry, Tej was able to identify a clear consumer need in this sector. He saw a lot of potential for a hire service that can bring you all the results in one place. Thus, Anything for Hire was founded.

Anything for Hire has been created by an experienced IT development team, they have worked extensively on new cutting-edge technology which aims to not only connect consumers to their chosen hire company but give them the freedom to look at different quotes, compare prices and make big savings in the process.

Anything for Hire have recently announced the release of their new iOS & Android mobile apps for partners which will improve efficiency for the hire companies. Further upcoming releases include Amazon Alexa & Google Home developments which allows customers to connect conveniently with the Anything for Hire quote engine.

It’s great news on the B2B end too, with exciting opportunities for local hire businesses to reach an entirely new set of customers, along with a free, easy to use online booking management system. This will allow hire companies and providers to become more efficient and responsive to customers.


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