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Recently conducted research reveals unexpected results about some realities of the workplace and how certain factors could be affecting potential successes.

A recent survey investigating whether fairness and success go hand-in-hand has revealed that only a very small percentage of Brits think they’re being treated completely fairly at work. The research was carried out by PlayOJO, the fair online casino, which is challenging the UK online casino market to be fair and transparent.

In their bid to unearth a range of unfair conditions within British society, PlayOJO did an excellent job of highlighting some deficiencies that have perhaps been overlooked in the past. Their research revealed that only 10% of all Brits feel that their work environment is completely fair, an even fewer 2% believe that success is based purely on ability and nearly a third of 35-44-year olds feel disrespected by their seniors at work.

The research delves further into the fairness/success question by highlighting common situations of unfairness that are experienced in the workplace, including factors such as salary expectations, managerial practices and even office politics. It questions the fact that 50% percent of Brits believe that they’re being underpaid and whether there is a success-related method behind this. The further investigation into knock-on effects of particular work-place realities certainly unearthed some interesting discoveries for the online casino.

A spokesman for PlayOJO said: “Our brand is all about fairness and giving players complete control of their money, so we are interested in raising awareness of unfairness in other aspects of British society such as the link between fairness and personal success in the workplace”.

Notes to editors

  • The research was carried out online by Research Without Barriers – RWB
  • All surveys were conducted between 27th March 2018 and 3rd April 2018
  • The sample comprised 1,094 UK adults

About PlayOJO

PlayOJO launched in February, 2017, as a completely new brand with a singular vision: to create a new and disruptive model of online casino with a braver, fairer proposition for customers. Since its launch PlayOJO has become one of the faster growing UK online casinos recognised by customers and peers as providing a better alternative to the traditional online casinos. 

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