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First of all, we need to make one thing clear, UK Models is not a model agency. They are in fact a model support service who helps hopefuls to take that first step in their career. Potential talent will be invited to their London studios for a photo shoot to build a professional model portfolio, offer advice, gain confidence and experience in the field to then approach modelling agencies.

Let's delve deeper. Join us as we talk you through every aspect of UK Models so that you know exactly what you are registering for.

Who Are UK Models?

As we mentioned earlier they are a modelling support service based in London. Their head office address is 104 Great Portland Street, London, United Kingdom, W1W6PE and are owned by Blue Rooms.

They support aspiring models helping them make informed choices providing the confidence to make their dream a reality. They specialise in creating high-quality portfolios that will showcase their experience and talent. With over 15 years in the business, they are more than qualified for their role in the industry.

What Do UK Models Do?

Their aim is to help potential models begin their careers in the industry by offering support and advice. They contact successful candidates to their assessment day where they can find out if they have what it takes to make it in the fashion world.

They hire professional make-up artists, hair stylists and photographers to work for them to ensure that each candidate gets a feel for life as a model. The result? A selection of high-quality photographs to build a portfolio to approach modelling agencies with.

Armed with a little more experience, the ability to pose in front of the camera and reassurance that UK Models are always there for support after the photo shoot, you can attend walk-ins and meetings with agencies confidently. They provide the boost needed to enter the industry with high self-esteem and drive for a successful career.

How Much Do Models Get Paid in the UK?

This is tricky to answer with an exact figure as models work on a job to job basis. There is no set annual salary and working hours like many roles. You are expected to work long hours and be available when the offers come in. Models spend a lot of their time attending castings to find paid work. There are many variables that go into how much you will get paid.

  • Your niche - It goes without saying really. The high fashion world has much more money to spend than the commercial industry. The budgets are very different however, you may find more work in the commercial world than high fashion if your look suits the niche. Therefore, being paid a lot more than trying to find work for top designers and not be successful. Stay true to your niche and be realistic.
  • Your experience - Years in the business and celebrity status will increase your pay considerably. New, emerging models will be paid much less as they lack experience and most likely a huge Instagram following. However, try to avoid working for free or being paid in clothes - you have bills to pay.
  • Your agency - Usually your model agent will negotiate fees on your behalf unless you are a freelancer. Make sure you trust those representing you to make the best possible deal and remember that they will take a percentage of your earnings for their part in securing the role.
  • Who you know - Sometimes as with many things in life, it's all about who you know whether that be a photographer, designer, agent etc. If your friends with someone or have made a great first impression you are more likely to get the job and be paid more for it.
  • Social media following - In this digital age, the amount of followers impacts your wage. If a brand can see that your Instagram profile is popular with a community of fans they will hire you over someone with a small following. It may even be a side project that you work on as well as your modelling work. Designers may send you items and pay you for the images you post. There is money to made on social media platforms.

Models need to be organised and manage their pay well. You may not get paid consistently so make sure you budget your income for those quieter months. You are most likely to find that some months are very busy whereas others are much slower.

If you find this difficult, it may be worthwhile finding an accountant who can help you with your finances. Spreadsheets and numbers may not be your thing but they probably are someone else's.

Where Is UK Models Based?

Their head office is located in London yet they do have a photographic studio based in Manchester too. Their London studio address is 115 Great Portland Street, W1W 6QH.

They are very easy to find as it is just around the corner from Oxford Circus with many tube stations close by. If you are travelling a distance there are many places that you can stay overnight if needed.

Why not spend a couple of days in the capital shopping and sightseeing?

To cover more of the UK they also have a studio in central Manchester. They know that some cannot make it to London very easily. Therefore, their studio in the vibrant Northern city is perfect for those living in the surrounding areas.

How Much Do UK Models Charge for a Portfolio?

Again there are many different factors involved with the price of their portfolios as they have to accommodate your needs, preferences and type of modelling. Typically they start from £500, which may increase depending on how many images you would like.

After the photo shoot, you will sit down with one of their experienced team members who will take you through your images and the packages available to you. Together, you can design your own, unique portfolio choosing a suitable price from their list.

At first, they may seem expensive yet remember you are investing in your future and if you were to organise the same photo shoot yourself it would most likely cost a lot more. Think of it as an investment in your career. You will have a set of invaluable, high-quality images that you can use to show off your talent.

Is UK Models a Scam?

We can assure you that they are a trustworthy company who supports model potential in taking that first step. They are not an agency and cannot find you work directly yet guide you in the right direction with a professional portfolio.

Unfortunately, there are many scam artists who may use their name promising to make you lots of money. They will never contact you via social media as they only operate via the correct channels. They only contact those who have completed their registration form.

It is something that models do need to watch out for and act with caution. It is easy for predators to hide behind a computer screen and pretend to be someone they are not. Young, naive teens are easy targets and therefore, need to know the signs to look out for. Messaging you on social media is a big sign as big companies will not need to do this as they will be inundated with applicants to sift through.

Never meet someone from the Internet alone and always tell a parent, they will be able to suss out an untrustworthy individual easily. If you do arrange a meeting always take your mum or dad with you and opt for a public place. Do not go to their house. Be aware of inappropriate terms such as "sexy", "hunny" etc. Legit companies, like UK Models, always keep it professional and never act inappropriately.

Are UK Models reviews fake?

Modelling is a competitive industry in the UK and you will always find companies writing fake reviews to competitors to put them out of business. So, we advise you to only look at legitimate sources for reviews. Especially 3rd party independent sites where it's nearly impossible to fake reviews.

Here are a few independent review sites that provide verified reviews from real customers.

These are the only legitimate review sources you should read.

What are UK Models Official Social Media Channels?

UK Models are active on many social media channels. But, keep in mind there are so many fake accounts impersonating UK Models and you should never ever communicate with any of these pages for the safety of your child.

Here is a list of their official social media pages

What's UK Models Contact Number?

Their phone number is 0207 079 4501. This is the number that their friendly, experienced team will contact you on. Also, you are welcome to reach them on this number with any questions you may have.

The best way to know if you are being scammed is to ring the number directly of the company they are claiming to be. Find the number yourself and simply ask if they have tried to contact you. The company will be able to provide a quick yes or no putting your mind at rest. It is the easiest way to find out as many individuals do use names of large organisations to try and trick people.

How Does The Assessment Day Work?

Good question! Those who register and are successful are invited to London for an assessment day. It is an enjoyable, fun afternoon where you get to practice your skills and work in an environment that models do on a daily basis. Take a look at our step-by-step guide on what to expect on the day.

Here is a video shows how it works:

  • You will be greeted by their friendly staff on reception who will explain where you need to go to wait for your hair and make-up to be done and what to expect.
  • The make-up artist will call your name and ask for you to take a seat. You will discuss together how you would like your face to look and of course, offer advice on what would suit your skin, eye colour and outfit choices.
  • Once your make-up is complete your hair stylist will again talk through what you would like, providing their thoughts too on your hair type, shape of your face and colouring.
  • You will have been asked to pack 3-4 of your favourite outfits to wear during the shoot. Choose these carefully as these will be the looks that will stay with you for quite a long time. Think about what colours, shapes and styles suit you enhancing your features. Try not to pick similar looks to bring variety to your portfolio.
  • Once changed into your first choice, the photographer will guide you through poses. Listen to their advice and take it all in. You can also go ahead and try some of your own ideas too. Most shots are captured in the studio yet on the rare occasion they may be taken outside if the weather allows.
  • After each outfit has been shot, you will have an informal meeting with a member of their team who will show you a selection of your photographs and talk you through the cost. Together you can build the perfect portfolio that is unique to you and your personality.
  • You can choose to use the images for a portfolio, eFolio and z-cards, which are all useful tools to help aspiring models start their career. The images captured are the perfect way to advertise yourself online and in person.
  • After the assessment day, they keep in touch to help with any queries you may have. They are just a phone call or email away.

Do UK Models Accept Everyone?

They don't like to give young individuals or parents false hope as the modelling industry is a very fickle, harsh place. Therefore, they do assess each application carefully and only contact those that they feel has the potential to succeed.

Unfortunately, they can't accept everyone who registers. However, they do have a lot of successful applicants who visit their studios. To give yourself the best chance make sure you take time to fill out their short registration form with the correct details and high-quality images. Take your time to ensure that your contact details are correct and the images show you in your best light. Good luck!

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