Defeating Diets

Why is it, where diets are concerned, we return time and time again spending our money on, what could be described, as a faulty product? There is no shortage of evidence around to prove that diets do not work long term, studies date back as far as the sixties. Yet the diet industry is a billion pound business. In every other sales arena, the customer expects to be right and demands service, value and satisfaction for their hard earned money. However, in the diet industry, consumers’ failure is a recipe for business success. Diets work for a short time, the weight is very often gained back again and the consumer comes back for more.

Defeating Diets weight loss coach, Jo Mason explains "There’s no real difference except the psychology. Real people need real, realistic ways to eat just like they need reliable, sturdy products that will last and not break after they buy it. We don’t blame ourselves if a hoover stops working after a few months - we take it back, complain and demand replacements or refunds. Diets are the perfect business as the consumer blames themselves."

If a dieter is going to fail long term, repeat business is certain and with the speed that obesity is increasing, profits look like they could soar. However, the trend is shifting and there are more weight loss programs emerging that don’t want to profit from failures. One of these programs is by Defeating Diets, set up by Jo Mason to provide a solution to the yo-yoing nature of dieting. "I used to watch my friends go back and forth between different slimming clubs and never really getting anywhere. They would lose for a while, then slip, feel bad, not go back and then start all over again with another group. I thought to myself there had to be a way that worked and worked ONCE!"

She responded by spending the last ten years researching, working with women, finding out what is really needed for successful weight loss and creating a weight loss program and service that doesn’t want repeat business. "Everyone knows what they should be eating. When people come to me they’ve done enough diets to know that! What they want to know is why they can’t stick to eating it, even though they want to lose weight more than anything in the world. THAT is what my program answers and helps to create change in their behaviours forever."

Spending money on weight loss needs to become the same as spending money on a car, a hoover or a mobile phone. If you knew one of those would be letting you down in the not so distant future, you wouldn’t waste your money on it. Jo adds "It’s not good enough to get away with the consumer blaming themselves. I tell my clients all the time you DID NOT fail at diets. You have lost weight eighteen times doing diets - that’s NOT failing! The diets are failing you because they have not provided you with the means to keep the weight off permanently. They are unrealistic and impossible to maintain.” 

She advises that before spending money on a weight loss product or service be a smarter consumer and look for someone who provides a whole life approach and answers specific food issues, not just quick fixes which fail in the long term. Get more value for money by seeking help to solve individual problems for good, not just another way to cut calories with rules and restrictions that make you feel bad about yourself when you end up breaking them.  "It’s time we stopped being duped by diets. Life does not have to be consumed with constantly gaining and losing weight. In fact, there is a life where diets don’t even exist. I am there and so are my clients."

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