Manchester-based marketing agency Arete22 argue that school leavers and young professionals cannot afford to miss out on vital work experience in sales. Unarguably, communication is essential to success in all areas of life; some may even relate the significance to the importance of breathing. Successful communicators boast long-lasting relationships, excel in idea sharing and most importantly interpret the thoughts and emotions of others.


Arete22 outline the benefits of gaining sales experience:

Hard Work – To be successful in sales, there needs to be a solid work ethic. Not only does the industry highlight the importance of this, but also there are excellent rewards for putting in the graft. Those who work in sales know there is no participation award, but there will be opportunities to learn to work smart not hard and still reap the rewards.

Resilience – Sales is going to teach you the direct like between passion and perseverance, and how when they link the grit and resilience that develops in the face of obstacles.

A Growth Mindset – There are abundant proven theories and understandings in sales that will accelerate success. Linking back to working smarter not harder, those who excel in sales will use resources to upskill, take risks and self-assess daily. This approach can be copy and pasted into all areas of your life to achieve growth.

Communication – Sales teaches you communication isn’t about speaking alone. Instead, it is mainly about listening, understanding nonverbal cues, and asking further questions before responding with intent. Those who can develop strong communication and soft skills will excel in any industry or profession.

Arete22 is made up of dedicated and passionate business consultants with over eight years of customer acquisitions experience. They have a wealth of experience, helping both national and international brands achieve growth goals. The firm offers young professionals a unique opportunity to join a growing firm, benefit from free coaching and mentoring, ideal for anyone new to the industry looking to get a chance to prove their ability.

The firm is always looking for new people to join their growing organisation. Browse their openings and see if there’s anything you’d like to sink your teeth into!


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