November has proven to be a landmark month for Arete22, a firm that throughout 2018 has been smashing expectations. This month the firm was delighted to reveal that it has seen a sharp spike in applications for its various sales and marketing opportunities; which has led to more interviews and faster growth for the Manchester-based firm.


With this enhanced interest Arete22 has been openly discussing what it believes makes a company attractive to today’s young workers. The firm is confident that one aspect allowing Arete22 to constantly outperform other agencies, is offering an ‘observation day’ and giving people a chance to experience what the firm does first hand. ‘Reading a description online may be a good indicator of key roles and responsibilities, but it doesn’t allow you to dig deeper and get to know the people or the culture. An observation day gives an applicant a chance to ‘live a day in the life’ and get a proper taste of what we do as a business and how we operate.’ Outlines a spokesperson from Arete22.

Arete22 has also learnt through its continued work with young professionals that promoting a ‘mentor first’ mentality is essential in helping people see a long-term future in the industry. ‘By being a mentor first and foremost and a manager second, our leaders can work with applicants from the get-go; helping them to map out their goals and see the full trajectory of their development with us.’ Outlines a spokesperson from Arete22. ‘Today’s young professionals don’t want to get stuck, they want to be moving forward at a pace they set themselves, our advantage is we give them the opportunity to do this,’ concludes the firm’s spokesperson.

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