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Opinions about commission-only sales roles vary, but whether they will work for you probably depends mostly on your attitude.

One positive is that such roles offer more money, which might sound counter-intuitive but, according to businessman Boyd Parker, is usually the case. Professionals working on a 100 per cent commission-only basis can earn more than those on a base salary because there is no 'glass ceiling' cap on earnings.

If you are on a fixed salary and sales increase due to your efforts, financial rewards and recognition do not necessarily follow but they generally due if you are working on a commission-only basis. Commission-only roles also have the advantage of flexibility. Need more time? Work longer hours. Did you make a huge sale? Go swim in the pool, train in the gym or do whatever you want - those around you will not care about your hours, only about what you achieved. So, if you are the type of person who is good at organising your time and has great sales skills, a commission-only sales role will probably work out great for you.

Flexibility in turn creates independence. Some people need a boss to constantly tell them what to do, but that type of environment slows down others. If you do not like to be constantly checked on, then this route could be a option.

Parker believes commission-only sales jobs are a great tool for personal motivation. And there are other advantages too. If the role permits you to work from home, you will be spared the expense of a commute and buying lunches out. They offer more variety and excitement and the high you receive when you feel your hard work is recognised and properly paid for will be addictive.

Parker says if you want to learn self-discipline then work in commission-only sales. You will learn to organise your time more efficiently and will give you the skills you need if you aim to be an entrepreneur one day.

Of course it is not for everyone. Some people do work better with the structure and social interaction that an office provides.

But if you are hard-working, driven and good at organising your own time, working on commission only will probably earn you more money than just working as an employee.

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