Pretty much all of us sleep on a mattress, but your mattress is one of those odd purchases we make a various points in our lives. We spend a fair bit of time in choosing it, we trek from shop to shop bouncing up and down on a variety of different ones. Then when the deed is done and we have selected just the right one for us, we hand over a great wad of cash, usually as much as we dare to spend or can afford, to the salesperson and head of home to await the eventual delivery.

When it finally arrives we install it in its rightful place and make the bed. We have just spent a lump of money on this wonder of comfort and we have hidden it. It is buried under sheets and duvets and pillows and throws and all other weird and wonderful manner of bed linen and it rarely sees the light of day again except on those days where it gets stripped back to allow us to wash all of this bedding.

However, each time you strip it back, things have changed ever so slightly, is that a bit of discolouration, is that a slight mark, or is that a great big horrible, nasty stain?

You see the problem is that we human beings leak, and some more so than others. This is one of the yucky bits coming up now so be warned. During the night we sweat, or to be slightly more delicate, we perspire. In addition to perspiration we dribble, our noses run or we might have a nosebleed, we might have a slight ‘nightime accident’ or just spill our morning cup of tea in bed. Anyway you get the picture. This ‘moisture’ for want of a better word has to go somewhere and the most obvious place is straight into the sheet you are lying on and into the mattress. This is where those strange stains come from.

If you don’t use a mattress protector, then your mattress starts to accumulate stains right from day one. If you use a mattress protector that is not waterproof then it will take a little longer, but eventually those stains will be visible. If it’s not waterproof then quite obviously it’s not waterproof!

The problem is that people don’t like waterproof mattress protectors because they either think that they don’t need one or they have tried one and found it hot, noisy and uncomfortable.

That was then, this is now. We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Allergon, the comfortable waterproof mattress protector.

Once this is on your mattress you can’t feel it, it’s not noisy, it’s not hot. It just protects. It protects your mattress from marks and stains and stops dust mites from making a comfy home for themselves inside your mattress.

February 2013 see’s the launch of, our shiny new website that explains all about Allergon and why every bed in every home needs Allergon, and even tells you where your nearest stockist is.

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