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New website focuses on medals for military spouses
Online --February 25, 2013--The spouses of the brave men and women of the military are typically the unsung heroes who keep homes together, when their loved ones are overseas serving. Barry Sheppard, creator of Military Wives Cross, decided to create a medal of honour for these special women.

“Military wives undergo the pain and the agony of watching their soul mate head off into battle. It takes courage and strength to keep things together, while battling the fear of the unknown.

While some women simply cannot handle it, there are some women who remain strong for their families and their military spouse and deserve recognition.”

Sheppard states.
The concept of the medals stems from the traditional medals of honour. They offer the Victoria Cross design and each is coloured to represent the bravery and dedication these women endure.

Although, no individual representation is based on colouring, this is be based on a woman’s colouring preference. The crosses also have the inspirational messages, “Support & Loyalty” and “In War and Peace” on the them. Both sides are fully enamelled.

“It’s time that the women who stand strong behind the men in our armed forces get the respect that they deserve. It is their loyalty to these brave men and their undying support and strength that gives our soldiers the determination to keep them safe, along with the rest of our great nation.”

The Military Wives Cross collection is unprecedented and when a military wife sports her medal, it is expected that she will be provided praise and respect from those who understand what it truly means, worldwide. 

“Our goal is to continue to ensure that the spouses of our brave military personnel finally get the recognition they deserve. This is done by using a true medal, not a novelty trinket that is going to collect dust in a box on shelf.” Sheppard offers.

Demand for the medals is currently on the rise and there has been a noticeable increase in demand in crosses for mothers of soldiers. With the upcoming Mothers Day on March 10th  those looking to offer this Medal of Honour for mothers are encouraged to act soon.

Orders will begin to dispatch in early March, ensuring that orders will reach their destinations in enough time.

About Military Wives Cross: Military Wives Cross is a new business venture that is focused on recognizing the wives of military spouses. Since 2012, this company has delivered quality and excellence through the medals that they produce.
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