Held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex, the leadership conference gathered some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the sales and marketing industry.

About AtlasCorp:

As part of the conference, Matt Stewart, Managing Director of the Sheffield based outsourced sales and marketing firm AtlasCorp, discussed the importance of developing leadership skills in young professionals.

During the speech, Mr Stewart explained that for entrepreneurs to build a successful business, they must, first of all, invest the time in developing the leadership skills of their workforce.

Mr Stewart went on to state that the success of the sales and marketing sector solely relies on the drive and ambition of young professionals, therefore, for the industry to thrive, they must cultivate and nurture young talent to help them become strong leaders.

Mr Stewart then shared the ways AtlasCorp develops the leadership skills of young professionals and urged more firms to do the same.

Develop leadership skills by offering new responsibilities - Mr Stewart believes that a key way to develop strong leadership skills is to empower young professionals to make decisions on their own. By exposing them to new responsibilities, Mr Stewart states that professionals are more likely to step up, which consequently expands their capabilities.

Mentor them, and teach them to be mentors - AtlasCorp offers their contractors a wealth of mentoring, training and development opportunities, which are all geared towards teaching them how to become an asset to others and pass on the knowledge and experience they are acquiring.

Help them align their goals with the company’s mission and values - Individuals who feel aligned with their firm’s overall goals and objectives are far more likely to take ownership and charge of their professional development. These attributes are essential for developing strong leaderships skills states Mr Stewart.

Speaking on the importance of developing young leaders, Mr Stewart said “I am proud to say that AtlasCorp is committed to developing a workforce of inspiring, influential leaders. Our variety of training and mentoring opportunities gives young professionals the perfect platform to thrive and become the successful entrepreneur that they were meant to be.”

Based in Sheffield, AtlasCorp is an ambitious sales and event marketing firm that also have offices in Nottingham and Liverpool. Their innovative and personalised approach to face-to-face marketing enables them to provide fantastic customer service, where they increase the sales revenue of their clients, raise brand awareness and increase customer acquisitions.

AtlasCorp is an ambitious outsourced sales and event marketing firm in Sheffield, Nottingham and Liverpool. Follow on Twitter @AtlasCorp_or on Facebook.

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