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The star lot is a Battle of Britain book signed by over 600 of the brave pilots. The estimate is £5000 - 7000

LOT102 Men of the Battle of Britain Thard backed book signed by 602 BOB pilots and aces. 80 are signed on the book pages and 582 on labels affixed throughout the book. Incredible collection of the brave pilots who save Britain from Invasion in 1941.Also inscribed by the author Ken Wynn. This is why the book is a unique one-off. The book was specifically published in 1990 to coincide with the historic 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. 'Operation Homecoming' brought many of 'The Few' living abroad back to Britain for the Anniversary and for various receptions - Maidstone - Bentley Priory - Biggin Hill - Buckingham Palace. It was a one-off LAST TIME 'The Few' would be gathered in such numbers. Collected by Playwright, Screenwriter & Film Producer Anthony Attard, who has detailed how this amazing item came to pass. In 1990, former WWII Typhoon pilot and aviation author John Golley, introduced me to the Redgrave Theatre, Farnham, Surrey, who wanted a new play written to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain. I invited John to collaborate with me. The play was called 'Freedom to Forget,' and a Gala Performance in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund was held, by totally uncanny coincidence on the 31st October 1990. The 31st October 1940 is now officially remembered as the date the Battle of Britain ended. A number of 'The Few' who lived reasonably local to Farnham were able to attend the Gala Night performance. Over the course of 1990, being commissioned to write the play enabled me to meet so many of the 'Few' who had always been my heroes. Also, Wing Commander N.P.W. 'Pat' Hancock OBE DFC, then Secretary of the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, forwarded letters I wrote to members of the Association and is how I obtained so many on labels. For every signature I received I made a donation to the B.O.B. Fighter Association to help with the financial cost of 'Operation Homecoming,' which brought so many of 'The Few' living overseas to the U.K., for the 50th Anniversary celebrations. The Czech and Pole signatories to this book were obtained at a reception held at Maidstone on Saturday 22nd September 1990. All of the other actual signatories were obtained when I was a guest at the Biggin Hill Air Show that same year, or by personal visit to their homes where I was privileged to hear their enthralling memories of the Battle of Britain. Not all the signatories replied either with a letter or by putting down their Squadron number. Some just sent back the labels duly signed. After twenty-two years now recording all the signatures there are 602 of the few. The full list of autographs and squadron numbers follows. MEN OF THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN (First Edition Gliddon Books 1989) By: KENNETH G. WYNN (Inscribed by the author London May 10th 1990). Signed by Flt Lt R.M.D. Hall DFC, Pilot 152 Sqn, Wg Cdr E.C. Wolfe DFC pilot, 219 & 141, Flt Lt M.H. Pocock pilot, 72, Flt Lt D.B. Ogilvie Pilot 601, Gp Capt H.M. Stephen DSO Pilot , 74, Wg Cdr I.H. Cosby DFC Pilot 610, 72 & 222, Sqn Ldr G.H.A. Wellum DFC Pilot 92, Wg Cdr A.D. Forster DFC Pilot 151 & 607, Wg Cdr J.G. Sanders DFC Pilot 615, Wg Cdr K.W. Mackenzie DFC AFC Pilot 3 & 501,Sqn Ldr J.A.A. Gibson DSO DFC Pilot 501, Wg Cdr M.Constable-Maxwell DSO DFC AFC Pilot 56, Wg Cdr I.N.Bayles DFC Pilot 152, Wg Cdr F.M. Smith DFC Pilot 72, Gp Capt T.P. Gleave CBE Pilot 253, Wg Cdr R.P. Beamont CBE DSO* DFC* pilot 87, Flt Lt G.M. Baird pilot 248, Wg Cdr J.P. Falkowski DFC Pilot 32, Flg Off W.G. Fenton Air Gunner 604, Gp Capt C.B.F. Kingcombe DSO DFC* Pilot 92, Wg Cdr N.P.W. Hancock OBE DFC Pilot 1, Sqn Ldr H.Szczesny DFC Pilot 74, Sqn Ldr T.P.M. Cooper-Slipper DFC pilot, 605, Wg Cdr W.S. Krol DFC Pilot 302, Wt Off A. Markiewicz pilot, 302, Gp Capt K. Mrazek DSO DFC Pilot 43 & 46, Flt Lt M. Jiroudek pilot, 310, Sqn Ldr F. Fajtl DFC Pilot 310 & 17, Flt Lt K. Seda pilot, 310, AVMarshal H.A.C. Bird-Wilson CBE DSO DFC* AFC* Pilot 17, Wg Cdr J.E. Storrar DFC* AFC Pilot 145, Gp Capt W.D. David CBE DFC* AFC Pilot 87 & 213, Gp Capt C.F. Gray DSO DFC** Pilot 54, Flt Lt K. Dawick pilot, 111, Cdr R.C. Hay DSO DSC FAA Pilot 801, Gp Capt A.D. Murray DFC Pilot 73, Wt Off A. Seredyn Pilot 32, Air Cdr A.C. Deere DSO OBE DFC* Pilot 54, Flg Off Sgt L.G Harvey Pilot 54, Sqn Ldr A.H. Piper DFC Air Gunner 236, Gp Capt M.M. Stephens DSO DFC** Pilot 3 & 232, A.C.M Sir C.N Foxley-Norris GCB DSO OBE Pilot 3, Flt Lt K.N.T. Lee DFC Pilot 501, Gp Capt B. Drake DSO DFC* Pilot 1 & 421, Flt Wg Cdr W.J. Gregory DSO DFC* DFM Radar Op 29, Flt Lt J.W. Ditzel WOP/Air Gunner 25,Flt Lt D.G. Gibbins Pilot 54 & 222, Wg Cdr F.N. Brinsden pilot, 19, Sqn Ldr R. McGugan Air Gunner 141,Flt Lt A.J. Lauder pilot, 264, Flt Lt T. Gray Pilot 64, Gp Capt D.F.B. Sheen DFC* Pilot 72, Flt Lt J. Corbin DFC Pilot 6 & 610, Sqn Ldr M. Mansfeld DSO DFC AFC (Czech) Pilot 111, Wg Cdr P.P.C.Barthropp DFC AFC Pilot 602, Wg Cdr M.R. Ingle-Finch DFC* AFC Pilot 151, 607 & 56, Wt Off R.V. Cook Air Gunner 219, Gp Capt H.S. Darley DSO pilot, 609, Air Cdr C.C.M. Baker MBE pilot, 23, Sqn Ldr C. Haw DFC DFM Order of Lenin Pilot 501, Flt Lt K.R. Lusty Air Gunner 25, Air Cdr P.M. Brothers CBE DSO DFC* Pilot 32 & 257, Sqn Ldr P.F. Morfill DFM pilot 65 & 501, Flt Lt J.H. Duart Air Gunner 219, Wg Cdr A.G. Page DSO OBE DFC* pilot, 56, Flt Lt L. Martel Pilot 54 & 603, Flt Lt F. Gash DFM Pilot 264, Flg Off L. Bowman DFM Air Gunner 141, Sqn Ldr B. Drobinski DFC Pilot 65, Sqn Ldr D.W.A. Stones DFC* Pilot 79, Flt Lt N.P.G. Barron Pilot 236, Flt Lt A.G. Russell Pilot 43 & 145,Wg Cdr R.W. Foster DFC Pilot 605, Flt Lt B.W. Brown Pilot 610 & 43, Wg Cdr A.R. De Lisle Innes DFC Pilot 236, Gp Capt J. Cunningham CBE DSO** DFC Pilot 604, Flt Lt N.J. Wheeler AFC Pilot 600 & 615, Sqn Ldr D.Adams Pilot 611 & 41, Total: 80 signatures plus 1 duplicated. Wg Cdr W.S. Krol DFC Pilot 302, Signed first as Krol W/Cdr 131 Wing (later in WWII). I requested he sign again with his Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He duly obliged. Sqn Ldr R. McGugan signed again on subsequent meeting with him, Flt Lt K.N.T. Lee DFC (fuller signature Page 452) Pilot, 501, Flt Lt H.A.R. Prowse pilot, 266 & 603, Sqn Ldr J.B.H.Nicholas Pilot 65, Sqn Ldr K.B. McGlashen AFC Pilot 245, Wg Cdr E.D. Crew CB DSO* DFC* Pilot 604, Sqn Ldr T.B. Fitzgerald DFC Pilot 141, Flg Off F.J. Barker DFM* Air Gunner 264, Flt Lt A.Vrana Pilot 312, Wg Cdr AJ.M. Aldwincle pilot, 601,Wg Cdr A.R. De Lisle Innis DFC Pilot 236,Flt Lt K.B. Hollowell AFC pilot, 25,Flt Lt R.C. Ford Pilot 41,Sqn Ldr J. Flinders pilot, 32, Wt Off A.J.B. Hithersay Air Gunner 141, Air Cdr J.L.W. Ellacombe CB DFC* Pilot 151, AVMarshal H.A.V. Hogan CB DFC pilot 501, Flt Lt A.K. Chappell pilot, 236, Cdr R.E. Gardner OBE DSC FAA Pilot 242, Flt Lt R.E.B. Sargent Pilot 219, Sqn Ldr R.A. McGowan Pilot 46, Wg Cdr R.R. Mitchell MBE DFC Pilot 229, Sqn Ldr F. Usmar Pilot 41, Flt Lt J.K. Haviland DFC pilot, 151, Wg Cdr D.E. Gillam DSO**DFC* AFC pilot, 616 &312 , Sqn Ldr T.C. Iveson DFC pilot, 616, Sqn Ldr K. Holden DFC pilot 616, Wg Cdr S.Skalski DSO DFC** Pilot 501, Flt Lt G.R. Pushman DFC pilot, 23, Gp Capt R.W. Oxspring DFC** AFC pilot, 66, Gp Capt F.B. Sutton DFC pilot, 56, Gp Capt T.F. Dalton-Morgan DSO OBE DFC* Pilot 43, Wt Off G. Yates Air Gunner 248, Air Marshal Sir R.B. Lees KCB CBE DFC* Pilot 72, Gp Capt G.H. Westlake DSO DFC Pilot 213,
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