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On International Women’s Day, it is all about give and no take, said Taz Thornton, inspirational speaker, coach and author.

That is why Taz is giving away two hours of FREE mentoring, coaching and support to inspire women in business and unleash their awesome! 

 "After the year we've all had, I wanted to make this unique and absolutely FREE offer on this special day for women to help them recognise how powerful women in business are, how to grow their audience and turn up the volume on their personal brand. I'll be talking about aiming for the wisdom of Wonder Woman, the courage of Captain Marvel and the media savvy of Lois Lane!

"I had hoped to get around 100 women interested, but now 200 women from across the world are signed up and we're still counting!" Taz said.

Taz, who lives in Lincolnshire, is one of many business owners who have found their face-to-face events - small and large - have been cancelled again and again due to Covid restrictions.

All her speaking gigs have largely dried up, but she has been giving very popular and successful talks online. She is known as a TEDx speaker and is the author of the books Unleash Your Awesome’and Whispers from the Earth.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is 'choose to challenge' and Taz is choosing to challenge the perceptions in business that it is all about services and products, and that we so often forget about the power of personality.

Women are often recognised as being strong, smart and confident and with a caring heart, but many have found this a very challenging year both at home and in business. However, Taz said: "Challenge and change are not always bad things. I've always worked online and have had to step up more and more to support others and equally they've supported me. We're going to be stronger and bolder than ever and that’s what I hope all my 200 women guests will get out of this FREE event."

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