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Business consultant and author Sadie Sharp is launching a weekly video blog on Friday, 29 May to discuss issues that hold people back in life and business. 

Her first vlog, which will go live on Friday will discuss 'post traumatic growth' with special guest psychotherapist Julie Mattinson, director of the mental health charity Ipsum.

"This weekly free vlog, Sharp Shares. will not shy away from discussing matters that many ignore or simply refuse to acknowledge," Sadie said. 

"It’s going to be a 'warts and all' weekly discussion on subjects relevant to anyone who runs or works within a micro, small or larger business. Now seemed the right time to do this as change is coming in a way no one could have anticipated, and if my consultancy background has taught me anything, it's that the people who run a business need a new perspective on how to redesign businesses and look after themselves during the process. 

"Businesses need to embrace flexible working, redesign their cultures, and restructure their resources in a way they never have before, and that's hard to do if you only have yourself to turn to."

The vlog is just one of a series of activities planned by Sadie, who runs a successful training consultancy Sharp Transformations which has seen her work with the likes of HSBC, Primark, the University of Bath, and many more, helping them embrace transformational change and organisation redesign.

One of the reasons behind her vlog series is the recent publication of her first book Breakthrough, which shares the lessons she learnt on her self-employed journey in business, and the life events behind her entrepreneurial successes and struggles.

In her book, Sadie pulls no punches in the events she discusses, including two occasions where she suffered serious sexual assaults, how she coped when she lost her mum from cancer and how she suffered a mental breakdown aged 31 after severe burnout.

"In this first blog, we’ll be talking about how bad things happen in life at different times and the challenge then is how we face that difficulty. For some, they may travel a destructive path, for others they may try to ignore it which can lead to a crisis later (as in my case), and then for others they may be able to be more resilient from the beginning.

"There is no right or wrong, but for me it was about coming through those challenges and developing a higher level of self-awareness of how I react when life gives me lemons, and how those experiences became part of who I am today."

In future weeks, Sharp Shares will talk about issues including organisational change, having difficult conversations, recognising mental health issues, bullying and much more.

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