A bit like in Home Alone when it turns out kids can be far more cunning, intelligent and self-preserving than all the adults in the film thought, AVG has published findings that children as young as 11-years-old are putting those hours behind the keyboard to good use creating malicious coding to hack the accounts of other gamers (the report makes a big fuss of how these kids are hacking their friends' accounts, like we're meant to think of them as inhuman monsters!)

According to AVG, the main aim of most of these nefarious little hackers is to steal whatever currency floats their boat in their favourite gaming universe. Most programs have been presented as cheats for PC games that let unsuspecting users use free currency whilst the program steals personal data and sends it back to the source.

But before you sell Macbook Airs and PCs and whatever other computers your kids are using, it's worth remembering that the AVG report assumed many of the hackers were children based on the kind of schoolboy errors prevalent in much of the code and the targeted games. Although they did trace at least one 11-year-old boy's malware to his home in Canada, so we reckon his parents will being looking to sell laptop, console and maybe even smartphone devices as punishment!

The bottom line seems to be a dig at current IT education, which most kids seem to outgrow at primary school level! AVG wants kids to be taught coding from a younger age, along with the the moral and social implications of misuse. A change in IT education here in the UK is backed by the likes of Microsoft, who are keen to access the new generation of tech fans as early as possible, hopefully putting the UK on the map in terms of IT (because one day poor old Tim Berners-Lee won't be around for us to trot out at awards ceremonies!

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