Autumn has arrived with a bump, necessitating a wardrobe adjustment so men are equipped for whatever the British weather has in store.

Like in Game of Thrones we can see the long winter approaching, but in the months before it arrives men have to be ready for a range of weather options, according to one leading fashion retailer.

Autumn is traditionally about layering and this year will be no different, says Garth Coverdale, buyer at Style-conscious men need to prepare for all eventualities by mixing updated heritage brands with informal street and sportswear.

"When thinking about heritage brands that suit autumn, men need look no further than Barbour," said Coverdale.

"After Skyfall last year, where Daniel Craig rocked his Barbour in the closing scenes, this British classic brand will be the jacket to wear. Pieces like Barbour's waxed motorcycle jacket, or one of its range of quilted jackets or gillettes that can be mixed with other, less traditional, items of clothing.

"Or if you're wearing an oversized Parker, go for something from the Weekend Offender range. By adding a smart heritage brand scarf you can really help mix the look up. Dress one bit down and the other up, that's the tip for autumn."

For the less form pieces, grey is the colour for hoodies and chunky pullovers such as Denham's Marlonskye. Or for a statement knitwear, bold prints like McQ's Swallow Knit will be the key pieces in the months ahead.

"Beyond jackets and jumpers, sportswear and street pieces are important. Trainers are going to feature heavily, Nike Classics and Adidas Originals, and this really is the time for Diesel's denim jeans and shirts.

"Accessories depend on the weather, but this year you can't go wrong with Vivienne Westwood black leather gloves, simple beanies or a scarf with oversized prints. Just add them in when they are needed to dress-up or dress-down whatever else you are wearing."

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