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primary2secondary is a new online support programme to help parents of children entering Year 6. Every September, approximately 750,000* children enter Year 6, and their parents have to choose and apply for a secondary school place by the end of October. In many cases, parents and children are very anxious about the upcoming move, and confused about the process and preparation required.

This online programme/community is the only one of its kind in the UK. Using videos, information downloads, and an online community, the programme provides detailed information and guidance on:

  • How to choose and apply for the most appropriate secondary school.
  • How to deal with child anxieties over subjects such as bullying, homework, getting lost, etc.
  • Practical issues such as travel, equipment, uniforms, etc.
  • Mental health and well-being preparation.

TV parenting expert, Sue Atkins said: “We’re delighted to launch the primary2secondary programme. Our inspiration came from talking to parents about the high levels of anxiety and stress they suffer during this transition. For parents whose eldest child is entering Year 6, it’s especially difficult to get clear advice on how to choose the best school for their child. And then how to prepare them for what can be a very traumatic move. The primary2secondary programme supports parents right the way through Year 6 and into Year 7, giving them the information and advice they need, when they need it.”

primary2secondary is a major new initiative from leading parenting experts Sue Atkins and Jo FitzGerald. At a time when mental health disorders, such as anxiety, are on the increase it provides a unique, independent service that isn’t available from central government, local authorities, or schools.

Jo added: “As parents who have been through this process ourselves, we want to help other parents with the single biggest decision affecting their child’s future.”

primary2secondary is available at www.primary2secondary.co.uk.

*Department for Education statistics 2017. Available here.

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