Recognising this, UK mailing house bakergoodchild have recently published an infographic titled “Christmas Direct Mail – How to Plan a Campaign”. We spoke with Lorraine Burnell the managing director of bakergoodchild about the reasons behind creating this infographic and also discuss its contents below.

We asked Lorraine “So what was the inspiration behind creating an infographic about Christmas-themed direct mail campaigns?”

Lorraine replied “We deliver many Christmas themed campaigns on behalf of our customers, some of these are every year. We noticed a trend with some prospects they don’t quite understand the opportunity of Christmas campaigns and in other cases simply start the process too late. Discussing this internally we decided to produce an infographic conveying everything that needs to be considered to plan for a Christmas direct mail campaign.

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The infographic is divided into four parts, the first of which is “Define your campaign goals”. Many organisations fail to define their goals, so it’s no real surprise they fail to attain them. Lorraine commented “goal setting is always important. It adds a solid foundation to the project and also acts as a benchmark where after the project is complete its success can be measured by original goals and objectives. The goals in themselves shape the project and often change the approach/direction.

The second section discusses the “Types of Christmas direct mail”. Clearly, there is “no one size fits all” and there are various ways that a Christmas campaign can be delivered. Examples of print formats which can be produced include Christmas cards, brochures and catalogues for Christmas as well as other types of mailing too. On this topic, Lorraine said “We have a range of options for customers in terms of print formats due to our investment in a wide range of high tech printers. We can advise customers on the variety of formats available and they can select the most appropriate type for their mailings. There are lots of great formats to choose from for Christmas mailings.”

The infographic then in its third section moves on to discuss “Optimising a Christmas direct mail campaign - tips and recommendations”. This section is jam-packed with helpful tips and advice, Lorraine saying “Over the years we have learned a lot along the way and are happy to pass on the benefits from our experience in this recommendations section. Although many of these are beneficial for all direct mail campaigns, they have a special Christmas flavour, which we hope readers will find useful”. Examples of recommendations include doing a follow-up mailing, inclusion of contact details, integration with other channels and also ensuring your timing of mailings is right to maximise campaign returns for Christmas.

The final section is the Christmas personalisation of direct mail campaigns. Speaking Lorraine said “There are many ways in which a mailing campaign can be personalised for Christmas. We decided to share some of the ideas we have used over the years, which have proven to be popular with our customers.” Some of the ideas included are the use of the traditional colours of Christmas, appealing to the senses and the inclusion of freebies such as food, vouchers and much more.

To learn more you will need to visit the infographic for yourself, we think you should find this valuable reading when planning a Christmas direct mail campaign. It is packed with many helpful tips and recommendations, which have all been acquired through experience.

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Established as a leading mailing house for many years bakergoodchild offer an abundance of mail, print and postage services tailored specifically to customer’s projects. The business has worked on many previous Christmas campaigns and draws upon this experience in the creation of this infographic.

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