We spoke to Lorraine Burnell the Managing Director of bakergoodchild about a recent infographic “The power of transactional mail and printing”, which has just been created.

We asked Lorraine, “So why create an infographic discussing transactional mail and print?”

Lorraine said, “We carefully consider all content we produce on our website, particularly when we are creating a new infographic. In general, customers think they understand “mail and print”; we think though that the area of transactional mail and print would benefit from some increased clarity and information.

The infographic can easily be viewed by clicking this URL -

We asked why bakergoodchild chose to use an infographic format? Lorraine replied, “Well one reason is that our customers love infographics and we have had some really positive feedback about the infographics section of our website. We generally produce an infographic where a lot of information needs to be provided and the content can be broken down into logical sections which can be visually displayed.

The first stage of creating the infographic was to create a framework of sub-headings for content for the infographic. After consideration the sections decided upon are summarised here. Lorraine said, “The first area was to provide a definition, so that all readers had clarity about transactional mail and print. Next up we provided a discussion about the cross-industry capability of the technology in public, private and voluntary sectors. Transactional mail is by no means just a technology only used in businesses.

The infographic goes on to discuss the importance of the role of data. Lorraine said, “Undoubtedly data has a critical role to play in transactional mail and printing. To fire the imagination we have provided a list of potential sources of data, which can be used to provide the transactional information. In addition we felt the role that variable data printing has to play is important. This is the technology used to insert the transactional content or “variable data” within the print run”.

Prior too many projects organisations have to create an internal business case, Lorraine went on to discuss this, “Our customers talk to us regularly about the need to prove return on investment (ROI) and how exactly transactional mail and print can benefit their business. We therefore added two sections summarising these areas – potential applications and the expected benefits to be realised from investing in this technology”.

Lorraine then discussed the final two sections of the infographic, “We were now nearing the end of the infographic so added a section on the ability of transactional mail to promote other channels, for example to include phone numbers and social media URLs, etc. We realised as well that for many customers managing transactional mail and print as well as a “day job” can all seem too much, so we included a section about the reasons to outsource”.

The content was only part of the story of course. Once the content was finalised, it was passed to an experienced Graphical Designer who created the infographic formatting and added plenty of imagery to break-up the text into “bite-sized” chunks. After a number of versions the final infographic was completed and posted to the website.

Finishing our discussion Lorraine concluded, “Everybody at bakergoodchild is delighted with the final infographic and we have received some excellent feedback already from our customers. All we hope is that readers enjoy this infographic and learn something new about the capabilities of transactional mail and printing.

We can only provide an overview about what the final infographic looks like here, so click this link, to read the infographic yourself and learn all about transactional mail, data and print.

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