The firm recently reviewed the findings of Marketing Week's look into the most disruptive brands of 2017 and reveals how event marketing could take these revolutionary brands to the masses.

About Bamboosh:

Located in Maidstone, Bamboosh is one of the UK's leading outsourced sales and marketing providers, specialising in customer acquisition, personalised direct marketing campaigns and personal development. The market is oversaturated, and therefore, brands need to promote what makes them different from others and distinguishes them from their competitors. Bamboosh believes that it is crucial for brands to stand out and be disruptive in the current market.

Bamboosh encourages businesses to think outside the box and to focus on innovation to adapt to societal shifts, new technology and new structures to break convention. The firm finds that two brands, in particular, stand out from Marketing Week's ‘100 Disruptive Brands 2017', Smartfrog and Cheddar.

Founded in 2015, Smartfrog created a home security app that allows people to see what is going on in their home from any location. The firm raised £17 million by the end of 2016 to take its funding to £24 million. Now Smartfrog's investors include international venture capital funds.

Cheddar, a live online financial news network, aims to be a broadcast network in a ‘post-cable world'. What distinguishes the firm from channels such as CNN or Fox, is that Cheddar is most frequently distributed as part of a bundle via alternative platforms like Amazon or Twitter and it appears in 60 percent of smart TVs in the US. The firm closed £15 million funding in May this year to add to its previous £10 million venture capital funding.

Bamboosh says that those two businesses are revolutionising their industries due to their drive for innovation, focusing on new technology and consumer needs.

With 15 years of experience, Bamboosh's management is making an impact in the sales and marketing sector and is shaking up the industry. The firm helps their clients' brands to stand out and increase sales by thoroughly planning personalised event marketing campaigns, reaching out to consumers by focusing on building relationships and consulting them based on their personal needs rather than sending out a general message. Bamboosh believes that disruptive brands need event marketing to market their products because one-on-one communication allows brands to explain their products and their benefits to potential customers. It encourages word of mouth recommendations and increases product interaction.

Based on the positive results Bamboosh has delivered for their clients in the past few months, the firm is now planning to expand into further markets to represent their clients' brands nationwide by 2018.

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