The consumer goods giant has been trialling facial recognition technology in their Brazil stores that are designed to measure consumer engagement with on-shelf displays. The experiment was designed to generate and measure analytics based on the physical retail sphere. Trials of this nature are currently taking place in Brazil and have already been conducted in the US.

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The experiment placed secret cameras across the store that have been specially designed to analyse social expressions of customers as they approach specific items. The study focused on pinpointing specific demographics, levels of interest and engagement.

The experiment was conducted to shape the consumer experience, making it more personable and understanding the needs and trends of customers first hand. Bamboosh is invested in such technologies due to their correlation with the message of the experiment. Bamboosh is passionate about enhancing consumer relationships and experiences, which is something the trial to be focused on.

Vice president of Unilever detailed the reasoning behind the study, stating that through the research the aim is to maximise marketing efforts, ensuring demographics are being targeted efficiently, and consumers are following through with purchases.

A spokesperson for the firm explored the concept of advancing technologies “This recent experiment by Unilever is advancing the retail sphere, something that can be learnt from the marketing industry and is something Bamboosh is truly excited about.” The spokesperson continued “Advancing technologies is something that remains at the core of Bamboosh, we’re excited to further delve into the field.”

Bamboosh has recently been expanding into new media with the implementation of their Youtube channel, and are excited about implementing advancing technologies into their direct marketing campaigns. The firm is pleased to see industry giants bringing such digital systems into the public sphere and is excited for this to become standard practice. 



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