Sales and event marketing company, Bamboosh specialise in customer acquisitions, personal development, and direct marketing. By strategically developing marketing campaigns to suit their client's target market, UK businesses look to the services provided by Bamboosh to increase their market share and better their brand exposure.

About Bamboosh:

Recently, the firm travelled to New York to attend the US Sales and Marketing Industry's Awards Gala. This trip to New York marks the company's second US visit of 2017, having travelled to Miami back in February. The trip to Miami was an opportunity to meet and network with some of America's top sales and marketing entrepreneurs and to learn how the entrepreneurs work differently within the American market. While in Miami, the firm was lucky enough to attend a Miami Basketball game and go skating along Miami's famous white sand coast.

This trip to New York will see the company meet and share their knowledge with the city's sales and marketing firms; Bamboosh joined other leading UK based entrepreneurs in a series of visits and guest talks with the city's growing sales and marketing professionals. To conclude the trip, Bamboosh attended the annual sales and marketing awards in Manhattan at the waterfront venue, Pier Sixty, which is one of New York's most impressive and expansive event spaces. The awards night was an excellent chance for the company to network with and build relationships with high profile industry professionals.

‘The trip to New York was a great opportunity to meet with and build better relationships with our American connections' said a spokesperson for Bamboosh. ‘We have learnt some valuable information about how they go about their business practices in America, many of which we can implement into our own business to add value and increase our growth rate' added the spokesperson.

With big goals for 2017, this trip across the pond could point to a possible US expansion in the future. Bamboosh sees business expansion as a fantastic opportunity to expose the business to a wider client base with an increased pool of potential customers.


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