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Maidstone-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, BamBoosh is an ambitious company that works on exciting marketing campaigns on behalf of client brands. Bamboosh is well renowned for working with big brand clients looking to increase their sales, drive profits, generate quality leads and enhance brand awareness by providing a top tailored service that builds a long-lasting customer base for clients with speedy results.

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Luke Walker had been invited to speak at an important business conference for the second time in the space of a few weeks. It has been a momentous achievement that the managing director has been considered for regular appearances as a speaker at high profile events through his own successes, building a business and creating a strong sales and marketing brand.

Taking place at the prestigious Lancaster London, attendees experienced a complete seminar for entrepreneurs and business owners. The event featured special talks for aspiring business owners and those new to the sales and marketing industry, a networking lunch with industry heavyweights and a seminar on leadership in business.

The importance of a personal brand is often under-considered. Most people may be unaware of it themselves, but they do have their own personal brand. While it may not be based on a trademarked logo or a corporate identity but it is one based on the impressions you leave with others. Having a brand is extremely important, to succeed in business. A brand defines your best elements and differentiates a person from others, which is one of the most important factors when attempting to achieve career goals or aspirations.

Social media is an increasingly vital tool when promoting a personal brand. Social media has the power to cut the distance between potential followers and a brand with the network that is available. An excellent example of the power of social media can be seen through the success seen by Luke Walker of Bamboosh, having built a strong Instagram following. Mr Walker uses social media to promote the successes, company day outs, opportunities he has to travel as result of working in sales and marketing industry. Luke masterfully uses inspirational content on social media to attract followers, incite shares and gain high visit counts to his media accounts. In the same way, Luke has opened doors, and created opportunities through his elaborate story-telling strategies on social media, social media can be used to build a name and positively affect a person's career trajectory.


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