Bamboosh has already attended a number of industry seminars with managing director Luke Walker discussing subjects applicable to the sector, with more planned for the near future.   

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The weekend of the 11th of February 2018 saw Bamboosh head to Manchester for a leadership seminar at the respected Lancashire County cricket club. The firm took a number of their top performers along with them for the opportunity to network with industry leaders and peers from all over the country. Bamboosh’s managing director, Luke Walker, gave a well-received speech on the topic of profitability in the sales and marketing sector, with a focus on business development.  

In a month as busy as their day-to-day running, the entrepreneur will head to the capital’s Novotel London West on the 18th of February to give a further speech at a second industry leadership seminar for an array of business owners within the sales and marketing sector. Bamboosh has detailed how this second lecture will focus on how to promote a business, in an ever-changing environment and developing industry. 

Managing director, Luke Walker is no beginner at delivering memorable and effective speeches during exclusive industry seminars across the nation. The entrepreneur is setting himself within the sector as an industry expert and plans to continue his own personal development while maintaining the success and expansion of his outsourced marketing business, Bamboosh.  

The firm has long since detailed their importance that should be put down to attending industry seminars, lectures and workshops for individuals at all levels within their entrepreneurial journeys, as they provide an unrivalled opportunity for knowledge and hands-on experience.  

Bamboosh has a number of further workshops planned for the year which will see the company take a variety of their high performing contractors, with the objective of exposing them to their possible paths should they continue on the path of their self-development and entrepreneurial tendencies. The company is eager to continue providing their young professionals with the tools they need to succeed, mentors they can mould themselves after and events at which to network and drive their futures.  


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