LuCreative is a direct marketing firm that takes care of their client's entire sales and marketing needs, in addition to being advocates of entrepreneurship and business development. With a sought-after business development opportunity that is open to individuals from all social and educational backgrounds, LuCreative provide entrepreneurs with voluntary entrepreneurial opportunities for them to learn the fundamentals of sales & marketing. While developing their leadership, management and business skills that will equip them with the necessary aptitudes to run their own sales and marketing campaign on behalf of the firm.

About LuCreative:

Consistent learning and development is a big part of LuCreative's business development opportunity, and one of the areas taught to those involved is that good and fast decision-making is an essential skill for success. The first tip for making smart decisions faster is to know that sometimes good enough is perfect; this is because all entrepreneurs compete against the same time constraint, so if one entrepreneur is slow, the one who acts quickly will be the one that wins, even if their result is a 7/10.

LuCreative teach their entrepreneurs the importance of having a long-term vision, making day-to-day decision-making much faster, plus the importance of having a why behind everything they do. If a person has a strong foundation of 'why', less time is spent on debating decisions. Another tip shared by LuCreative is when big decisions need to be made, breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks, will make the process much easier and quicker. Smaller decisions are much easier to test and modify, and reduces the amount of risk involved.

‘We operate in a fast-moving industry, so it is imperative that our team can make the right decisions quickly. Luckily, the ability to make quick decisions is something that can be taught, which is why we integrate this learning through our workshops and entrepreneur seminars' said the firm's managing director.

With a diverse team of sales and marketing entrepreneurs, LuCreative is a direct sales and marketing company able to bridge the gap between their clients and customers by using personalised marketing solutions. As a young and dynamic company, LuCreative is zealous in their contribution to the learning and development of their millennial workforce of talented entrepreneurs.


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